BeagleBone Black Wireless in an Altoids Mint Tin






The Adafruit Proto Cape Kit fits with lid fully closed. The lid will require modification to accommodate any additional components on top of the Proto Cape.






Custom 27mm x 27mm heatsink. Note, the BBB W does not require a heatsink.









I used the mounting hardware from the Adafruit Proto Plate kit. If you would like to purchase the mounting hardware separately, the dimensions are as follows:


      4 x 4-40 1/2" Metal or Nylon Polyamide Screws

      4 x 4-40 Metal or Nylon Polyamide Hexnuts

      4 x 3/16" Nylon Polyamide Standoffs * This height will work if the Micro USB is used for power. If you desire to use the 5V power jack, a shorter standoff must be used.