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1 Post authored by: gsgill112

Hi Guys ,


First of all Thanks a ton Element14 for sending one of the BeagleBone Black to test I recently have interfaced a 2.2" SPI LCD 240x320 To the Element14 Beagle Bone Black. Below is a Working demonstration of the Display in action



I also made a breakout board for the above featuring

1. Easy Plug and play capability (Modular design)

2. Easy UART Access using a Standard arduino mini FTDI module



Quick Observations,

1. The board is officially BeagleBone Black compliant !! Still No BeagleBone Black Logo is present on board ??

2. This board uses the Latest AM3358 Chip instead of AM3359 one on previous versions.

3. It is an Exact replica of the original BeagleBone Black, and works PREFECTLY.

4. Finally, By default the E14 BBB comes with Debian pre-installed, my old BBB 2G version came with Armstrong installed  


Thanks again to Element 14 for sending me a BeagleBone Black.

and please comment below if you want to know more.