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Here I am testing the operation of micro servos with the BB Blue under  the power of a 1600mah Lipo battery.


Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

Beaglebone Blue Robotics Controller


Hello Beaglebone fans!

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I am currently test driving the Beaglebone Blue for the Element 14 Beaglebone Blue Robotics Controller Road Test. What better way to test the BB Blue then to build a test vehicle.


This test vehicle is constructed from recycled materials. It is still under construction. Here are some photos of the progress.


Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

The steering servo has not been installed and the motor is not connected. The front steering assembly and rear drivetrain were salvaged from a RC Truck. Originally the steering was controlled by a 5V motor and gearbox. The gears and motor have been removed and will be replaced with a proper steering servo.

Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

The chassis is composed of layers of scrap PETE, ABS, Lexan and project foam board bound by strips of black Duck Tape. These scraps are from previous projects. The antennas are from an old Belkin Wireless Router (before the arrival of the Surfboards)

Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

There are strips of 3M Dual Lock "Command" tape securing the Antennas and Altoids tin with the BB Blue inside.

Everything is modular and can be removed from the chassis when needed.

Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

A 5V motor in the boot for rear wheel drive. Finding a tiny Element 14 bumper sticker was difficult so I made one.

Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

The Antennas are mounted on a block of high density foam recycled from packaging. It is wrapped in white Duck Tape. The chassis is about 75% Foam.

Beaglebone Blue Road Test Vehicle

The Beaglebone Beagle Sticker is adhered to a piece of plastic recycled from the packaging that my phone came in. It will be placed over the BB Blue after the wiring is complete.


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This project is a work in progress that is nearing completion.


I look forward to sharing future posts of the progress.






This is a simple test of the Beaglebone Blue Robotics Controller with a Pan/Tilt Camera Mount. The micro servos that came with the Pan/Tilt are not that great for precision control but will suffice for the purpose of this test. These servos will likely be replaced with higher grade servos at a later time.


I would also like to mention, the BB Blue is being powered by a 12V 2.5A Power Supply. The BB Blue is meant to be powered by a Li-Ion Battery. The battery should arrive in a few days.


Pan. Check.

Tilt. Check.


Robotics hardware API (libroboticscape)

Strawson Design


No Stormtroopers were injured in this test.


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BeagleBone Black Wireless in an Altoids Mint Tin



Curiously Stong Mints? No, but it is quite powerful. It's a BeagleBone Black Wireless!!!


The Adafruit Proto Cape Kit fits with lid fully closed. In order to accommodate additional components

such as sensors, wiring, and others things, it will be necessary to find some Nylon Polyamide Standoffs

that are shorter than the 3/16" standoffs used in the photos.

These are the standoffs that came with the Adafruit BeagleBone Proto Plate. 


Custom 27mm x 27mm heatsink. Note, the BBB W does not require a heatsink.

This heatsink was hand cut from one that originally came on a PCI graphics card for a desktop PC.


The holes for the dual antennas to pass through are marked but not drilled yet.

Currently I am shopping for the correct adapters to utilize different antennas.

The ones that come from the manufacturer are more than sufficient for most applications but

my intended use requires an antenna configuration with greater range.


The mounting hardware that was used came from the Adafruit Proto Plate kit.

If you would like to purchase the mounting hardware separately,

the dimensions are as follows:


    4 x 4-40 1/2" Metal or Nylon Polyamide Screws

      4 x 4-40 Metal or Nylon Polyamide Hexnuts

      4 x 3/16" Nylon Polyamide Standoffs *


*This height will work if the Micro USB is used for power.

If you desire to use the 5V power jack, a shorter standoff must be used.