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After weeks of hacking and a couple of 'blown up' BeagleBones later, we're are pleased to announce the result of the Hackspace Challenge as voted for by the element14 community. So i'm sure you will join in offering your congratulations to Chicago's Pumping Station One, who acquired 64% of the public vote for their Pick and Place project. The element14 team will be presenting their winning prize of $1000 USD soon. Great job guys!


Also we would like to say well done to our friends over at Leeds Hackspace in the UK and their table football build came a close second with 36% of your votes. The runner up prize of $500 USD (equivalent in £) will also be presented to you guys shortly.


A final word of congratulations goes to community member Crashing Dutchman, who was drawn at random from all the eligible comments on the vote. You have won yourself a BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black single board computer and we will be in touch shortly to arrange delivery.