The wonderful Trammel Hudson of NYC Resistor posted the BeagleBone cape PCB to connect the BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black to the Adafruit 16x32 RGB LED matrixAdafruit 16x32 RGB LED matrix to create the dazzling Octoscroller:


OSH Park ~ Octoscroller v2


Just ordered updated Octoscroller boards. OSH Park has an awesome zero-friction Eagle CAD to PCB production process.

Drives up to eight chains of 32x16 or 32x32 LED panels with a Beagle Bone Black.


Wondering what the Octoscroller is?  Check out Trammel's excellent blog post:


Octoscroller » NYC Resistor

Hexascroller has been a central fixture at NYCR for the past few years, with a few ups and downs. It’s replacement, Octoscroller, improves on our classic message alert polygon by having two more sides and two more colors of LEDs.

The brains are a BeagleBone Black running the LEDscape custom PRU firmware. The AM355 CPU in the BBB has two separate realtime microcontrollers built into its die, both with full access to the GPIO lines and cache coherent access to main memory. This bit of hardware/software allows the user application to simply render into a frame buffer, which is then driven to the panels by the PRU.