This Demo will take a fresh from the box element14 BeagleBone Black with the preinstalled Debian system and configure it to work with BB-View. Subsequently we will use this new setup to attach virtual moustaches to passers-by


Equipment Required

e14 BeagleBone Blacke14 BeagleBone Black

BB-View 4.3"4.3" or 7"7"

5v PSU5v PSU

UART8000-UUART8000-U (Optional QOL improvement)

USB memory stick

Playstation 3 camera



Debian patch files

Linux tools





Extract the files from the Debian Image archive to a USB stick


Connect the BeagleBone black to your PC via either the UART8000-U or the included USB cable



Connect the 5V PSU



While the board is booting, ensure PuTTY is installed on your computer and start the software. The settings for each connection type vary:

Ethernet over USB: uses an SSH connection via the default IP address of

UART8000-U: The COM port will vary, the correct port can be found in the Windows Device Manager (for more information on this please see the UART8000-U guide). The other settings are shown in the image to the right.

serial settings.PNG


Once the board has had time to boot you can go ahead and click "Open" on the main screen of PuTTY to open a connection to the board. From here on all the commands are uneffected by your chosen connection method. There is a slight inconveniance when connecting via SSH using the Ethernet over USB as the connection will need to be re-established each time you reset the board

SSH error.PNG

BB-View Patches


In the terminal window enter the following commands (as per the BB-View user manual):

mkdir /media/udisk
mount /dev/sda1 /media/udisk
cp -f /media/udisk/zImage /boot/uboot
cp -f /media/udisk/*.dtb /boot/uboot/dtbs
tar -xvf /media/udisk/kernel_modules.tar.gz -C /
cp -f /media/udisk/xorg.conf /etc/X11/

If you are using the 4.3" screen with your BB-View than you are good to go! However the 7" screen requires a little more configuration, enter the following commands into PuTTY:

cd /boot/uboot/dtbs
cp am335x-boneblack-lcd7.dtb am335x-boneblack.dtb
rm /etc/pointercal*

Now shut down the BeagleBone and connect the BB-View along with the screen, then supply power.

You should now have a working BB-View & BeagleBone Black system running Debian



After applying the BB-View patch the ethernet is disabled by default to improve boot times. If required, the Ethernet can be re-enabled with a simple edit, use nano to edit the following file:

nano /etc/network/interfaces

Then find the lines:

#auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp

and uncomment them by removing the # to read:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

After this save and exit then:


Moustache Time!

(From my list of titles I never thought I would write)


A full set of instructions for adorning people with virtual moustaches can be found at BeagleBoard.org - BeagleStache however they are repeated below, with slight modifications to make the project BB-View compatible.

    1. Clone the GitHub repository and build the code with the following commands
      git clone git://github.com/jadonk/stache
      cd stache
      make && make install
    2. Because the BB-View by default operates as the user "Debian" instead of root, the following commands are required to operate BeagleStache:
      mkdir /home/debian/stache
      cp -r /root/stache/* /home/debian/stache
    3. To make the running of BeagleStache a little easier you can create a shellscript on your desktop containing the following:
      sudo /root/stache/runstache
    4. Now plug in the camera ,doubletap your new desktop script and enjoy your moustachey exploits!