This is not exactly a question and it is not for a single board so bear with me. (Is that the right way to spell bear in this case? I don't want everyone thing I want them to get naked with me )


Right, to the non-question; which is the most efficient way to access GPIO pins, node.js (or equivalent) or language such as Python?


I am working on a little / huge project, (a 3 year doctorate), and I am going to be using one or all of Arduino, Pi and BBB and I can switch on and off outputs and read inputs in node / bonescript and Python and I was wondering which is the "best" to use. The project will have a web server, most likely node, and it will need to turn stuff on and off and do you experts think that this is the best way to go about it in every case. I know the advantages of non blocking IO and asynchronicity but it got me thinking about if there were any advantages of one method over another.


Comments are extremely gratefully received!