I use the BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black for many projects, often they are bare but my latest BBB is housed in a very nice case from TEM Products.

This case is ideal if a project is going to be visible to an audience.

The case is quite different from others because it exposes the header connections on the BBB. It is also very accurately machined to act as a large heat sink.

Here it is with the BBB inside (the sticker is not included):


The enclosure is a very snug fit, I don't think a smaller case is possible! The finish is of a high quality, polished and nickel plated.

This is what the case looks like as purchased:


It is definitely an interesting enclosure design - very industrial looking, and it comes with hex bolts as seen here on the underside:


The inside of the enclosure shows a milled pattern except for the polished portion that makes thermal contact with the processor:


Assembly is straightforward, but a minor 'tweak' that I needed to do was to gently bend the leads of the polyswitch (orange blob close to the USB port on the right side of the photo below) down so that the other half of the enclosure could fit correctly; it was easy to do:


This is the final result, end views:



I'm very happy with this enclosure - there are also pre-drilled holes in the case for poking a toothpick or something in case the on-board buttons need pressing, and the console (serial) port header pins are exposed too (I use this wire-ended USB-serial adapterthis wire-ended USB-serial adapter and the connections on the BBB header 'J1' are: 1=Black, 2=Red, 4=Orange, 5=Yellow) :


The BBB on-board blue LEDs are not visible, but I might drill some tiny (1.5mm perhaps) holes for that if I feel the need at some point.


In summary the case is extremely unique, and I love the rugged look.