BeagleBone Blue For Quadcopter Flight Control


The BeagleBone Blue is a Single Board Computer / Robotics Controller created by



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The BeagleBone Blue is a Single Board Computer unlike any that I have ever encountered.

A few months ago, I learned that it is possible to use the BeagleBone Blue as an autopilot flight controller of a quadcopter drone.

These videos are a demonstration of what is possible with the BeagleBone Blue. Credit to


Videos from




Tutorial and Code provided by mirkix


Tutorial and Code provided by imfatant


Tutorial and Code provided by De Funct


Community: — ArduPilot documentation



Building a Quadcopter


I've never built a quadcopter. This should be fun.


The parts list in the following link was used.


Several of the quadcopter parts required for this project were out of stock at some of the listed retailers.

I found everything in-stock thru various retailers on Amazon.


Other Recommended Accessories for the Bone Blue


Purchase of a hex wrench tool set for assembly of this particular frame is recommended.


Building the Frame


Assembly required.

This kit comes with the props and a battery strap

Real Carbon fiber.

Frame assembled. Battery and ESC temporarily mounted ( location later changed)

Mock up of Blue, Props, ESC, and Battery.



The BeagleBone Case

Always wear eye protection when cutting any plastics.

M2.5 Nylon Screw Set from Adafruit. (metal screws in far right slot are from the Adafruit ProtoPlate for BeagleBone.

The heatsink was cut from one off of an old pc graphics card.


The Electronics

2C 1600mAh LiPo Battery can be charged directly from the BB Blue.

This Blade MLP4DSM is a Spectrum DSMX/DSM2 compatible transmitter

Lemon RX DSM2 Satellite Receiver is compatible with the transmitter shown in the previous photo.


Racestar RS 20Ax4 ESC

Ublox M8N compatible GPS/Compass Unit


This project is in final stage of being flight ready. Please stay tuned for upcoming content about this project.

In the next blog, I will detail the recent addition of the transmitter hardware and configuration updates (some of which mentioned in video)


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