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2 Posts authored by: Fred27
Debugging your PRU C code Recently I decided to turn my attention to the fairly unique Programmable Realtime Units on the BeagleBone's TI Sitara processor. My earlier blog post covered Coding for the BeagleBone PRU with C in 2019 and hopefully showed how it's become easier to work with the PRUs over the last few years. Whilst it's great to be able to write C code in a nice IDE before deploying, it's even better if you can debug your code and see what's happening when things don't quite go to pla ...
So, I've recently decided to get my head around the killer feature of the BeagleBone family - the two Programmable Realtime Units that sit alongside the ARM Cortex A8 core that you'll normally find running Linux. These PRUs are what really set the BeagleBone apart from other SBCs like the Raspberry Pi. To be honest, if you just need to run Linux on something small then the Pi may be a better choice - quad core 1.2Ghz A53 vs the BB's single core 1GHz A8. For anything that requires accurate and pr ...

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