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2 Posts authored by: ajcc
Introduction One of the most powerful features of the BeagleBone Black is the Linux operating system running on it. This can be demonstrated by using both a kernel driver for a sensor and the utilities provided in the Debian distribution of Linux, in this case to make temperature measurements at regular intervals without user invention. For me this was also an exercise to learn more about the Device Tree and the overlays used to reconfigure and add devices. For this example a LM75 temperature se ...
Summary The Adafruit Proto Plate was tested out both as a prototyping platform and as a home for the BeagleBone Black. Its rubber feet made it stay in place while still having a couple of cables hanging from it and the clever cutouts made it easy to plug things in and out. The LM75 temperature sensor is used as a short demonstration of how nice the BeagleBone is with its full Linux operating system. All in all this is a nice way to keep ongoing projects on your desk while still being able to mov ...

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