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3 Posts authored by: callum.ds
IOT setup using a bluetooth sensor streaming data to the Beaglebone which submits it to the IBM cloud  Note: This blog post is being superceded with updates here: BeagleBone Black IoT Project Bundle   This is forked from a project HERE, but changed slightly to work with the TI Sensor Tag CC2650.   It is a very easy project with only a few minor edits needed. This can be done in about 20 minutes from start to finish, and looks great at the end.   IOT setup using a bluet ...
Fixing the problems with the BBView and the latest Beaglebone Debian image.  So since the new Debian update for the Beaglebone some problems have surfaced with using the BBView. Here I hope to help people fix those errors and get full use of their BBView.   Not many steps, and it is very easy to do.        1.    Firstly we need to download the newest Debian Image from Here →      ...

Make your own BeagleBot

Posted by callum.ds May 15, 2015
The BeagleBot   How to make your own Beaglebone black bot that you can control over WiFi.   So I've just done a project with the Beaglebone Black and I've managed to make a little robot car that can be controlled via WiFi from any browser on the same network. Sounds cool, and it kind of is, but there's a lot that can be improved and changed. If any of you guys do improve it or add anything to it then please please please let me know even if it doesn't quite work, then maybe we can h ...

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