Over the weekend I was able to fix the ethernet jack in my living room (it had a little mishap a while back where I tugged on a nearby cable and all the little wires popped loose from this port - oops!), so today I plugged the RIoTboard back in to try it out with the network connected.


That all worked seamlessly, just the way I like it!


I was able to use it kind of like a "regular" computer with the keyboard and mouse to surf the net a bit.

So while this is hooked up to my big TV, I thought I'd go to edx.org to watch a course video… and I was quickly reminded of that little bug with the playback speed. hehe oops. Oh well. hopefully the smart people in the crowd will figure out how to fix the Android image for this board to bring entertainment to the masses.

One other thing I ran into this time is that the display seems to run off the edges of my TV, so some buttons are half off and it's hard to tell what's there. Does anyone know if there's a way to adjust this without having to change things on the TV itself - other things work fine in that port and I don't want to always have to adjust settings back and forth.


Next time I'll see about getting the Google Play app installed.