During application development, taking screenshots of the Android environment on your RIoTboard would be a very useful ability to have right? Most Android devices have an easy method for taking screenshots on the device (usually pushing the home button and the power button simultaneously). Since the RIoTboard lacks both of these buttons we have to use an alternative method, the Android Device Monitor (ADM). The instructions within this guide will be catered towards Windows users however the process should be easily adaptable to suit both Mac and Linux users.


Equipment Required


Acquire the ADM

The ADM is included in the Android SDK but is also available as a standalone tool from Android SDK | Android Developers.



Click the "VIEW ALL DOWNLOADS AND SIZES" dropdown button to reveal the table containing all the SDK download options

View all downloads.PNG


In the "VIEW ALL DOWNLOADS AND SIZES" dropdown look in the second table (SDK Tools Only). The top download "android-sdk_r23.0.2-windows.zip" contains all the files we need in a much smaller package than the entire SDK.


Download this zip file and then extract it to a location of your choice.

sdk table.PNG


Within the extracted zip file there should be a folder named "tools" open this and ensure that "monitor.bat" is contained inside. You will need to use this soon.


Connect the RIoTboard



Connect the LCD8000-97C to the RIoTboard via the HDMI Type C connector



Connect the PC to the RIoTboard via the USB OTG interface in the corner of the board



Finally supply power to the RIoTboard via the 5V PSU socket



Once the RIoTboard has booted up you will need to enable developer mode. This can be done by simply going to the settings menu and tapping on "Build number" 7 times. This will reveal a new settings menu option: "Developer options"

Build no.png


Once in the Developer Options menu you need to ensure that the "USB Debugging" option is ticked.

USB Debugging.PNG
Now that Debug mode is enabled you can double click on monitor.bat to start the ADMmonitorbat.PNG
The RIoTboard should be listed in the window as: "freescale-riotboard_mx6solo-0123456789ABCDEF", make sure that it is selected.ADM.PNG


You can now click the "Capture Screen" button to view the RIoTboards current screen on your computer. When the Device Screen Capture interface appears you may need to hit Refresh



The Device Screen Capture interface is very intuitive and can be used to rotate, save and copy screenshots from the RIoTboard. Don't forget to click Refresh whenever you want to grab a different screen as the interface will not automatically refresh to keep up to date with the RIoTboard.