In my previous blog we have seen how to setup SDCARD with updated kernel using linux machine.

This is for all windows users who need to have updated kernel .


the kernel source is available here :

Flashing OS binary in windows has been very simple, thanks to win32diskimager  which makes flashing look a piece of cake.


You need to download the fsl-image-fb-riotboard.sdcard image from below link.



Insert the SDCard, or if you have a microSD card you might want to use a USB card reader instead.


In Windows SDCARD  will look like:



Note the drive letter (here E) of the SDCARD, we will be using this drive letter to flash OS image.


Next we need to download Win32diskimager.exe from




Click download to grab the Win32diskimager binary.


Unzip the bundle and click on Win32DiskImager.



The Win32diskimager is mostly used to flash images to sdcards. It can be used to read back the OS images also.


Once opened it will display a box like this:



Using the Folder Icon on that screen, locate the place to where we have downloaded the OS image .

Make sure you are using a SDCARD with atleast 4GB space. I am using a 8GB sdcard for this demonstration.




It will show a window to select image,

In file types select all images (*.*).




Point to the Image location.

Select image and click open.




Once Image selected it will show like this


Next select the Device (Drive letter we earlier noted E)



CAUTION: be careful with drives, mistake in DRIVE LETTER can wipe out all your drive data.



Click on Write button to start flashing image to sdcard.



Click Yes when asking for confirmation, ..




If you get below error you don’t have access/privileges.



You need to have administrative privileges to proceed.


You will get a progress bar while write operating is performed.




It will take few minutes to complete


Once completed ,  plug in the SDCARD to J6 in Riotboard.


Make sure the boot switch are in SDCARD mode before powering on.




Once Powered on it will boot with Kernel 3.10.17 .


root@riotboard:~# uname -a

Linux riotboard 3.10.17_1.0.0_RIoTboard+g14571fa #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jul 4 09:49:22 CST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux