The RIoTboard is an Embedded Linux Development Platform designed for Internet of Things (IoT) and display based HMI applications.The board is a open source SBC powered by Freescale i.MX6 Solo Processor based on 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9.


Below is a compiled list of all available resources to help users move faster on RIoTboard.


Supported OS Images

(Precompiled BSP images and Source Code for Riotboard)


OS NameLink
Android Jellybean 4.3 BSP

Download here

Android JB MFG Tools

( ready to flash Android Image ) here
Android Kitkat 4.4 BSPDownload here
Android Kitkat 4.4 SourceDownload here

Android KK MFG Tools

( ready to flash Android Image )

Download here
Linux 3.0.35 Ubuntu BSP here
Linux 3.0.35 SourceDownload here
Linux 3.10.17 Yocto BSPDownload here
Linux 3.10.17 SourceDownload here

Linux MFG Tools

( ready to flash Linux Image )

Download here
Ubuntu touchscreen setupDownload here
Yocto SVN 3000 ImageDownload here



RIoTboard Documentation


Document NameLink
Riotboard User Manual Version 2  Document here
Riotboard beginners guide  Document here
Riotboard schematics  Document here
Riotboard gerber files  Document here
Riotboard ORCAD schematics  Document here
Flashing OS images in Windows  Document here
Flashing OS images in Linux  Document here
i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Applications Processors for Consumer Products  Document here
Hardware Development Guide for i.MX 6Solo  Document here
Riotboard Hardware Boot Switches  Document here



RIoTboard Components Datasheets


Component NameLink
Quadruple Bus Buffer  Datasheet
DDR3 Ram  Datasheet
DDR3 design guide  Datasheet
Micron eMMC NAND flash  Datasheet
USB High speed hub Controller  Datasheet
Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Transceiver  Datasheet
Regulators  LT1763   LT3680
OpenSDA k20 microcontroller  Datasheet
Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)  MMPF0100    MMPF0100 ERRATA


Software Development Tools


ARM Development Studio 5Product Page



Hardware Development Tools

(Recommended probes to debug Riot software)


J-LINKProduct Page


RIoTboard Accessories


Accessory nameLink
USB  WiFi  DongleWiPiWiPi                  Quick Start Guide
USB to Serial Debug UART CableUART8000-UUART8000-U     Quick Start Guide
4.3 inch LCD moduleLCD8000-43TLCD8000-43T    Quick Start Guide
7.0 inch LCD moduleLCD8000-70TLCD8000-70T    Quick Start Guide
9.7 inch LCD moduleLCD8000-97CLCD8000-97C     Quick Start Guide
VGA connector moduleVGA8000-AVGA8000-A         Quick Start Guide
LCD-ex ConnectorTBD
CSI camera ModuleCAM8000-DCAM8000-D        Quick Start Guide
USB camera moduleCAM8100-UCAM8100-U        Quick Start Guide


Managing Uboot



Getting into recovery with u-boot?Discussion here
Automate Uboot build with EclipseBlog here
Mainline Kernel and U-Boot with MFGToolBlog here
Debugging U-boot on RiotBoard using eclipse and JLink under LinuxBlog here



Yocto on Riotboard



Part1 : Environment setup and initial buildBlog Link
Part2 : Build u-boot using YoctoBlog Link
Part3 : Build Kernel using YoctoBlog Link
Part4 : Package Development using YoctoBlog Link
Part5 : Application Development using ADTBlog Link
Yocto SVN3000 - Latest BSPClick here
Build Yocto BSP on OpenSuseClick here


Linux on Riotboard


Community ContentLinks
Flashing OS images on Linux platformDocument here
Flashing OS images on Windows platformDocument here
Linux  on RIOTDiscussion here
Updating Ubuntu on RiotboardDiscussion here
Arch Linux on RiotboardBlog  here
OpenGL ES2 Library Support on Riotboard Blog here
Running ubuntu on SD CardDiscussion here
Debian on RIoTboard - After basic install ....Blog here
Debian wheezy on RIoTboardDiscussion here
Getting Ubuntu on Riotboard with a MacDiscussion here
create an image of my linux configuration and flash it into eMMCDiscussion here
Setting UARTs on RiotboardDiscussion here
Rebooting and segmentation fault ..Discussion here
Using I2C expansion portDiscussion here
DDR Memory LinesDiscussion here
Riotboard LVDS display SupportDiscussion here
Riotboard MiPi camera supportDiscussion here



Android on Riotboard



Community ContentLink
Building Android from SourceBlog here
Developing Android Apps on RIoTpart1   part2  part3
Can I build or get Android 4.2 or lower image on the Riotboard?Discussion here
Recompiling Android for use with Parallel RGB TFT LCD and Capacitive Touch PanelDiscussion here
Screen Resolution with preinstalled AndroidDiscussion here
Rooting Android for RiotboardBlog here
Installing Google Play Services and Google Play Store on RiotBoardBlog here
Install Netflix Streaming on the RIoTBoardBlog here
RIoTboard: Developing for Android with Python (Kivy) and JavaBlog here
Getting super-user (Rooting) access on RIoTboardBlog here



RiotBoard Hardware

(Explanations to better understand the board hardware features)


Community ContentLinks
Setting Audio output to Jack instead of HDMIDiscussion here
Board Revision ..Discussion here
Using GPIO ports on RiotboardDiscussion here
receiving input videoDiscussion here
RioT Board power consumption.Discussion1   Discussion2
1280x720 on RIOTboard!!!Discussion here
MIPI DSI Display Interface Problem on RIoTboardDiscussion here
Riotboard not recognized in Device ManagerDiscussion here
A newcomer asks about Riotboard HDMIDiscussion here
How to test I2C ..Discussion here
Ethernet Network Error ..Discussion here
RIot Board OS and application performanceDiscussion here


Riotboard FAQs


Using GPIO ports on RiotboardClick here
MFG Tool Flashing error in WindowsClick here
Setting bootargs and screen resolution in UbootClick here
Recognize Riotboard hardware in Windows Device ManagerClick here
RIoTboard HDMI to VGA connector Click here
Connect RIoTboard to PC via Debug TerminalClick here
Setup Wifi RT5370 (Wipi) on RiotboardClick here
Build Linux 4.1 & Ubuntu 14.04 BSPClick here


Some applications using Riotboard



Header 1Header 2
Building tft lcd display and digitizer using Riotboard : IntroductionTutorial1
Building tft lcd display and digitizer using Riotboard : Circuit
Riotboard DemoPart1  Part2  Part3
Riotboard WebserverPart1  Part2  Part3  Part4
Riotboard AccelerometerPart1  Part2  Part3
Camera streaming on YoctoTutorial
Riotboard - Android Smartphone communication usign HC-05Click here
Riotboard Iot DemoClick here
Riotboard Servo Motor Control DemoClick here
Riotboard Ultrasonic Sensor demo - hc-sr04Click here


Riotboard Reviews


What is this thing anyway ??Blog
RIoTboard for newbiesPart1  Part2
Riotboard IntroductionVideo
Riotboard unboxingVideo

Anthony Heureca from Freescale talks about the RIoT Board

at Embedded World 2014

Freescale i.MX6 PlatformVideo
Install XBMC on Riot Android BSPVideo Tutorial





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