Prior setup: before plugging in the power cable, make sure you have a keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor, and connected Ethernet cable attached to their respective ports on the RiotBoard, as well as a micro-SD card inserted in the micro-SD card slot. Note: If you do not have an HDMI-capable monitor, this will not work! HDMI-VGA or HDMI-DVI adapters will display the content on the screen, but they slow down the applications, disable the home, back and app buttons, and prevent sound from playing through the speakers, so make sure your monitor has an actual HDMI port on it before using the RiotBoard!

1)      Power up the RiotBoard and navigate to the browser application by clicking the icon at the bottom that looks like a circle     with six squares inside it and then clicking “Browser.” Once the browser has loaded, go to and click on the ARM download for Android (the little green robot guy). A message should appear that says “Starting download…” If at any point during this process a security message pops up, just hit “Continue” until it goes away. It’s not a problem with the site, but rather with the fact that your device’s clock doesn’t match that of the server. If it is really bugging you, go into the settings app, find the settings for date/time, and change the date to today’s date. Time doesn’t matter, just change the date. However, keep in mind that whenever you unplug your RiotBoard, this clock gets reset.

Downloading XBMC online


2)     Once the download completes, click and drag downward from the top left hand corner of the screen to view your downloads. Click on the download that says something like “xmbc-13….apk” and follow the install instructions. XBMC is now installed. The following steps are for optional (but recommended) setup.

Launching XBMC from Downloads menu


3)     Launch XBMC from the same menu in which you found the browser. When the program launches, you will see the music icon in the middle. Hover over it with your mouse and then click “Files.” Click “Add Music…” and then “Browse.” Finally, click on “Root filesystem,” scroll down to “sdcard” and click it, then click “Download” and “OK.” Under the line “Enter a name for this media Source,” type “Download” or whatever you would like to call your downloaded music folder, then click “OK.” Click the back button (curved arrow at the bottom, left of center). Next, mouse over Videos, click files, and repeat the above procedure, naming the folder whatever you’d like to name your downloaded videos folder. The purpose of this procedure is to give you access to any files you have downloaded from the internet to use in the application. If you want access to other downloaded files as well, repeat this action a third time with the system tab by clicking on File Manager. To do this with pictures, just click on the Pictures tab and click add source.

4)     If you would like XBMC to launch automatically on boot, continue reading. Otherwise, congratulations, you’re done! To begin with, open up the browser window again and navigate to and click the green “Install” rectangle midway down the page on the right. Once the download is complete, drag down the downloads window like you did in step 2, then click on the link that you downloaded (most likely a series of numbers suffixed with .apk). It will ask if you want to install Aptoide, which you do, so follow the instructions to install it. Once this is complete, click Open to open Aptoide, then click Install in the LaunchAfterBoot dialog box that comes up. Once LaunchAfterBoot finishes installing, click Open. Scroll down to the very bottom of the list of applications and click on the red circle with a slash through it. The circle should turn into a green check mark and a green arrow. After this is done, you can uninstall Aptoide by clicking on the icon in the app menu (the circle with the squares inside it) and dragging it to the top of the screen until the “Uninstall” text lights up red, then letting go of it. Now the next time you reboot your RiotBoard, XBMC should load by default, and all you have to do is unlock your device and go! If you would like XBMC to load without having to unlock the device first, simply open the settings app, click “Security,” then “Screen Lock,” and select “None.”

LaunchAfterBoot download page