In this blog post, we’re going to get GnGeo up and running on the SABRE LiteSABRE Lite (i.MX6) board.  GnGeo is an emulator for the Neo Geo gaming system.


Installing Dependencies

There are a couple of dependencies that you need to install to compile GnGeo.  However, before we do that it is always good to do an update and upgrade first:



After that completes, here are the dependencies that I installed:



I’m not sure which dependencies from the top two lines are really needed.  I compiled Advance MAME first, so I already had all of these when I started.


Now before we can start building GnGeo, we need to do one small thing:



This creates a symbolic link to the zconf.h file that GnGeo will be looking for.  GnGeo looks for the header file in a different location than where it actually exists, so we need to create a symbolic link so that GnGeo can find the header file.


The source code for GnGeo can be downloaded with the following command:



Then we use the standard process to build the code:




I was prepared for this to take a really long time, but it built fairly quickly for me.


Once this is complete, you can launch GnGeo and see a screen like the following one:





Before you can start playing games on GnGeo, you need to do a little bit of configuration.


The first step is to find a file called  Once you download this, you need to unzip it into:




The next step is to find a file called  Download this file and place it into the same directory (still zipped up).


The final step is to copy over the sample configuration file:


cp <gngeo>/sample_gngeorc ~/.gngeo/gngeorc


Getting ROMs

The final step is to get a ROM of a game that you want to play.  You need to place this .zip file (still zipped up) into your rompath.  The rompath is specified in the configuration file:




And by default it is set to the same directory that you put the contents of and into:




But you can change that to be any path that you want.  To play a game, just fire up gngeo with the name of the game that you would like to play, without the .zip file extension:


gngeo <game_name>



That’s how to get GnGeo up and running on your SABRE LiteSABRE Lite (i.MX6) board.  Have fun playing classic games!


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