The world is getting connected, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a big part in changing the way we live with applications such as the smartwatch and smart home automation. IoT brings convenience to our finger tips, while making our lives safer and more efficient. By 2020, it is estimated to have some 30 billion devices connected by the IoT. To keep up with these evolving technology trends, consumers are constantly looking to buy new and innovative products every day.

Even though the IoT market is growing rapidly, today, time and costs associated with product development can make it extremely difficult to go from prototyping to production. The biggest challenges faced by companies dealing in IoT product development include:

  • Developing first proof of concept
  • Avoiding longer than expected product development process and reducing the cost of product development
  • Getting to production

Development tools are not designed to be production ready making the process of prototyping, product development and going to production even more difficult. The market is looking for innovative solutions to solve the business and technical challenges associates with IoT and wearable product development.

WaRP7 changes the way you design IoT and Wearable products and shorten time to market. WaRP7 includes the optimized hardware and compact form factor allows you to develop on a solution which is close to your end product. The customers get access to all the design files, schematic and BOM with WaRP7. The Linux source code is also open and available at git hub. Open source design allows you to use the devise as a starting point and innovate without licensing restrictions, enabling you to focus on product differentiation. WaRP7 is built to meet the needs of a broad range of applications including smart home, fitness trackers and wearables.

WaRP7_Compact Form Factor.pngWaRP7 is based on the NXP i.MX 7Solo applications processor that features an advanced implementation of the ARM® Cortex®-A7 core, as well as the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core. The unique heterogeneous multicore architecture not only enables i.MX7S with low-power modes critical to most IoT and wearable designs but also provides the power to drive a higher -level operating system and a rich user interface. WaRP7 also comes with on-board features such as integrated sensors, connectivity including NFC, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi®, and on-board external LPDDR3 memory. WaRP7 offers rich multimedia capability with access to MIPI-DSI display port, on-board camera and audio features. It is highly integrated with on-board sensors, rechargeable battery and power circuitry.

WaRP7 Block Diagram.png

WaRP7 eases development effort for software developers with access to Linux and supports extensive UI capabilities and connectivity stacks. WaRP7 is truly expandable with the MikroBus™ expansion socket exposing users to over 200 compatible Click Boards™.

WaRP7, backed by the development community, and designed by Premier Farnell is available globally through element14. For more information, visit www.element14.com/WaRP7.