FREE registration for Linaro Connect Virtual 2020!

Linaro Virtual Connect September 22-24, 2020


Avnet's Ultra96-V2 board is part of the Linaro 96Boards consortium. As stated on the About page, 96Boards exists to promote the latest ARM-based processors to developers at a reasonable cost. The Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC has a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, which provided Avnet and Xilinx a platform to participate in the 96Boards program.


The Ultra96 was designed based on the 96Boards Consumer Edition Specification. Avnet is a 96Boards Manufacturing Partner. Xilinx participates on the 96Boards Steering Committee and is a 96Boards AI Partner.


Every 6 months, Linaro hosts a great event to learn and network. This event is called Linaro Connect. Historically, this is a face-to-face event, which has been held in many locations around the world. I have been privileged to attend the event twice, and I was impressed with the content, demonstrations, and wide variety of participants. If you are interested in ARM processors and technology, this is an amazing event!


Avnet and Xilinx have been active participants at Connect, and you can see some of the Avnet's past presentations archived now:


Fred Kellerman -- Vancouver 2018


Kevin Keryk -- Bangkok 2019


Tom Curran -- San Diego 2019


Josh Foster -- San Diego 2019


Due to Covid-19, Linaro Connect will be a virtual event this Fall. Due to the virtual nature, this event is now FREE! This is an extraordinary opportunity to participate in this conference without travel and registration expenses. In reviewing the schedule, I see 6 courses that will feature Xilinx, Ultra96, or both:

  • LVC20-102 Interrupt sub system in ARM boards using Xilinx Zynq Board
  • LVC20-107 Towards Highly Specialized, POSIX-compliant Software Stacks with Unikraft
  • LVC20-202 RoboCar Vision Perception Unit: Using Ultra96 Board and Autoware Stack
  • LVC20-306 OpenAMP Community Project Update
  • LVC20-314 System Device Tree update: Bus Firewalls and Lopper
  • LVC20-316 RunX: deploy real-time OSes as containers at the edge


Be aware that this is a global event, and Linaro is trying to accommodate timezones around the world. If the course you want to attend is not at a convenient time for you, all courses will be archived and available for view after the event. I have registered myself and plan on viewing as many sessions as I can. Take advantage of this if you can!


FREE registration for Linaro Connect Virtual 2020!

Linaro Virtual Connect September 22-24, 2020


Linaro Connect 2020

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