• petalinux-config  error for creating petalinux project

    petalinux-config WARNING: Your PetaLinux project was last modified by PetaLinux SDK version "2018.2", WARNING: however, you are using PetaLinux SDK version "2019.1". Please input "y" to continue. Otherwise it will...
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  • PYNQ for sensors on Microzed 7020

    Hello all, I need help about some issues with the MicroZed7020: Integrate 7 to 12 sensors on IIC / SPI with possibility for minimum 512k/s 16bit data retrieval. Data would be sampled at the same time and then proces...
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  • Potential Issue on PS_SRST# Signal (MicroZed)

    Hi,   While Checking out MicroZed schematics (Rev.E), I noticed that the PS_SRST# signal is pulled up to 1.8V on Page 5. This signal is also connected to RST# pin of the SPI flash (U7), which is pulled up intern...
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  • How to get cheap JTAG for Microzed in Korea?

    Dear Forum,   Finally I was able to buy Microzed board in South Korea, however no accessories are included with the board. Even though the Microzed web page says there should be accessories included. I bought ...
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  • where to buy in South Korea?

    Dear Forum,   I am located in South Korea and want to buy MicroZed board.   Do you know where from I can buy it?   Thanks Hayk
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  • Ethernet problems

    Hi all,   I've had a MicroZed in the cupboard for a few years and it has not been used, so I downloaded an image and placed it on the SD Card.   It boots up OK, but there's no Ethernet connection to my PC,...
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  • Python1300

    Dears   Well, I work on a Microzed + EMBV + Python 1300, it's mean that I have the IP to use the sensor device with Xilinx Soc/FPGA family. But I would Iike developing the IP again, I know it is weird, but I'm ...
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  • MicroZed and System Generator for DSP (Hardware co-simulation)

    Hi,   I am trying to get the MicroZed to work with System Generator for DSP in Simulink.   I was able to add the Board Definition Files for the 7010 variant and the Board is being recognized and I can cre...
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    created by lmuller
  • Python 1300-C Camera Module interface to HP Banks

    Hello, I would like to use the Python 1300-C Camera module for my Xilinx VC707 evaluation kit. Unfortunatey, the camera hardware user guide says to connect the 2.5V LVDS signals to Xilinx HR banks. My Virtex-7 only h...
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  • On-Semi VITA/Python LVDS max distance and FPN/PRNU Correction methods

    For anyone out there using the VITA/PYTHON Imagers from On-Semi, Has anyone tested a max cable length for the LVDS signal models? We've been playing with a 20cm, 30cm and 40cm cable and find that 30cm or better see...
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    created by bkamen
  • MicroZed EV Kit RoadTest -- Submit an Application

    We are now running a MicroZed Roadtest. Here's the enrollment page:   https://www.element14.com/community/roadTests/2074/l/avnet-microzed-evaluation-kit#comment-156299   If you are relatively new to elem...
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  • MicroZed Carrier Card Independent VCCIO for Banks 34 & 35

    Per the MicroZed Carrier card user guide and design guide:  The VCCIO banks that receive power from the carrier can be powered independently or tied together depending on your needs.  We wanted to use them i...
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  • Microzed embedded linux with touchscreen

    Hello all,   I have a microzed and the embedded vision carrier card since it has the hdmi out needed for a screen. My plan is to implement a touchscreen ui using Petalinux and QT that will read data over etherne...
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  • MicroZed DK - AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G + Proximity Sensor

    Hello, We developed a project with the MicroZed Development Kit - AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G I would need a proximity sensor (equivalent to Maxim's "MAX44000PMB1" sensor) compatible with the board listed above. Attached the ...
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  • How to formulate MIO interrupt for PMOD (SPI) peripheral

    Hello, I want to get running an enc24j600 card (SPI to Ethernet Inteface from Microchip). I am using Petalinux 2018.3, compiled in the relevant driver and appended the device tree in project-spec/meta-user/recipes-...
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  • HEADS UP: Announcing Upcoming Roadtest: MicroZed Evaluation Kit

    One of my goals for the roadest program in 2019 was to explore all the eval boards that make up our ZedBoard Community. We sort of begun that journey last year with roadtests on the MiniZed  and the Ultra96. I wa...
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    created by rscasny
  • MicroZed PG_1V8 or VCCIO_EN logic sense?

    What is the logic sense of the MicroZed PG_1V8 or VCCIO_EN signal? Is it active high? Meaning that when this signal is about 1.5V, then our carrier board design needs to generate VCCIO for the PL I/O banks?
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  • Python camera on Linux

    Dear friends ! I am deploy Python camera on Linux by microzed board. When i try to boot, there are a problem: PYTHON1300 spi32766.0: Probe completed successfully xilinx-video amba:vcap_hdmi: device registered xili...
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  • Microzed Hello World tutorial fails to build the standalone section of the bsp

    I have been unable to get the board support package to compile despite many efforts to be sure I am using the correct combination of Vivado and files.  I have even gone so far as to uninstall all Vivado versions ...
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  • Building petalinux for microzed on 2018.3 tools

    Has anyone been able to do a petalinux build for the microzed 7020 setup ?  I have been having a hard time getting the first stage boot loader to work.  I used the BSP for the 2018.2 tools, but it doesn't wo...
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    created by jpeel@impinj.com