• no targets found with "name =~ "APU" & jtag_cable_name =~" Platform cable USB

    when running a simple hello world provided by on the zynq 7010 I get the following error my code is the stock provided by SDK heres a screenshot of the design     as well as heres the error has anyone...
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    created by soliatera
  • VCCIO_EN and PWR_EN Shutdown Sequencing for Custom Carrier Card

    Hello,   I am in the process of making a custom carrier card for MicroZed. I have a question on the proper shutdown sequencing order, the MicroZed Carrier Design Guide reads on pg. 17  "To enable power to t...
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  • microZed received without microSD...

    Hello, I bought a microZed card. It was delivered without cable and especially without SD card. Is this normal? What is the procedure for programming an SD card (I'm on Win10 with Vivado 2019.2, the card reference is...
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  • How to increase PL voltage level of Bank-34 and 35 on carrier beyond 3.3V?

    I want to voltage/current amplify all 100 digital  outputs of bank 34 and 35 in the input/output carrier card beyond +3.3V for e.g. upto +7V instead?. The application I'm working on requires me to drive output lo...
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  • How to force standard speed mode for MicroZed connected to eMMC (2018.2) ?

    Hi,   I need some help: setup:   MicroZed onto custom carrier board   Custom carrier has eMMC device Sandisk SDINBDG4-8G, connected to SDIO1 controller using EMIO.   tools Vivado/Petalinux 201...
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  • Microzed mini usb port broken

    Hi, Unfortunately, I snapped off the mini usb port on my Microzed board.  In an effort to use the board again I purchased a MicroZed Breakout Carrier Card (AES-MBCC-BRK-G) and an external 6-pin  PMOD USBUAR...
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  • Tranfer date with USB OTG and store to DDR3 memory

    Hi all, I am new with the microzed and I have just began using FPGAs. I have gone through some getting started and hello world tutorials.   I would like to send some data from my PC (around 500 MB) to the RAM me...
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  • TDM114 PMOD Camera Question

    Hello there,   Recently I bought the TDM114 PMOD camera from Avnet. I've been looking through the documentation, but I can't find any signal descriptions, timig diagrams, configuration register description etc. ...
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  • Connecting I2C peripheral to EMIO Bank 13 on MicroZed Z7020

    I would like to connect the I2C peripheral to EMIO Bank 13 pins on Microzed Z7020 board. All examples seems to leave steps out. Has anyone accomplished this and can share the Block Design along with the Constraints? ...
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  • Usage of PUDC_B-Pin as output after configuration

    Hi together,   I want to make use of the PUDC_B pin of the MicroZed board as output after configuration. Actually the signal takes place on Pin 17 of JX1. My Microzed Boards (either 7010 or 7020) are in factory...
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  • Setup/Instructions for EVAL-ADF7020-1

    Hello,   I bought the setup as per this blog post:   Analog Devices: EVAL-ADF70XXMBZ2 ADF702X Development Platform for ADF702X Family of ISM Band Transceivers   I could see the transmitter sending ...
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  • Python camera on Linux

    Dear friends ! I am deploy Python camera on Linux by microzed board. When i try to boot, there are a problem: PYTHON1300 spi32766.0: Probe completed successfully xilinx-video amba:vcap_hdmi: device registered xili...
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  • Are You New to the MicroZed? Then You've Got To Read This MicroZed RoadTest Review

    Many of our old members haven't used the MicroZed or any of the other ZedBoards, so I am always looking for ways to interest them in the ZedBoard line. (See What Zedboard Do You Prefer Working With and Why?) The other...
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  • Microzed/Picozed - Why using a resistor divider on TLV62130 PG Pin?

    Hi, In recent version of microzed and picozed, there is a resistor divider circuit on PG pin of TLV62130 regulators, While in the earlier revisions, this pin in simply pulled up to regulator's output. As this pin is...
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    created by shahabamo
  • AVNET MicroZed™ Evaluation Kit - Review

    Road Test outline My goal for this road test is to give you an idea of what the MicroZed is and how it can be used. I will be comparing it to other Single Board Computer that you may be more familiar with. I will also...
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    created by pchan
  • MicroZed Product Change Notices

    Please subscribe to this thread if you would like to receive notifications of Product Change Notices (PCN) related to MicroZed. Bryan
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  • Microzed bsp produces bad vivado project

    Hello,   I"m tyring to use the BSP from Avnett to generate the vivado project for the microzed.  The bsp I downloaded can be found here.   http://zedboard.org/support/design/1519/10   I use the ...
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  • petalinux-config  error for creating petalinux project

    petalinux-config WARNING: Your PetaLinux project was last modified by PetaLinux SDK version "2018.2", WARNING: however, you are using PetaLinux SDK version "2019.1". Please input "y" to continue. Otherwise it will...
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  • PYNQ for sensors on Microzed 7020

    Hello all, I need help about some issues with the MicroZed7020: Integrate 7 to 12 sensors on IIC / SPI with possibility for minimum 512k/s 16bit data retrieval. Data would be sampled at the same time and then proces...
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  • Potential Issue on PS_SRST# Signal (MicroZed)

    Hi,   While Checking out MicroZed schematics (Rev.E), I noticed that the PS_SRST# signal is pulled up to 1.8V on Page 5. This signal is also connected to RST# pin of the SPI flash (U7), which is pulled up intern...
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