• hello world not working minized

    Hi.   I am trying to run the helloworld example on the Minized. I have followed multiple tutorials but no one works. I manage to run the petalinux and I see it in Putty. This means my UART cable is working and ...
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  • minized lab files?

    I started on the MiniZed Lab/Training today, but it looks like the hardware files (Vivado Project files) aren't in the ZynqDesign subfolder. Is this an oversight? Were the files intentionally removed from the download...
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    created by pshepherd
  • the link zedboard-ov7670 has been deleted of hamsterworks. how can I have this file?

    Hi dear The link of zedboard-ov7670 file has been deleted of hamsterworks. how can I have this file? Thank you
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  • length for each IO on FMC for UltraZed-EV Carrier Card

    Designing an FMC Daughter Card to work with the UltraZed-EV Starter Kit. I found the length data in UltraZed-EV SOM, but I did not find it in UltraZed-EV Carrier Card. Can you specify length the length for each IO o...
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    created by xchjg
  • 2019.2 petalinux BSP for MicroZed

    Is there a plan to release a MicroZed 7020 BSP for PetaLinux 2019.2?
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  • How to install Android on Zedbord?

    I search google find this topic, but this document is too old. could guys install Android on Zedboard? https://elinux.org/Zedboard_Android
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  • Pre Requisites to Start Working on MicroZed Board

    Hi Members,                I would like to know the Pre requisites to start working on MicroZed Board. 1) Micro Zed Board 2) Micro USB Cable, 3)...
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  • XADC temperature reading issue

    I am trying to use XADC on Zynq. Using Vivado hardware manager I look at XADC and see Temp is -273. I checked VCCADC, it is 1.8V as shown in the schematic. I check Arty board, and I can get 25 degrees C. I am afraid a...
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    created by frankqwu
  • Do you have back-up files from the SD-card ZedBoard to download them?

    I try to start the ZedBoard setup and basic operation, but it never loads the files. I think the memory card is damaged or the files don't work properly. I want to repeat the process with a new memory card and files r...
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  • Given that this particular site is labeled as ZedBoard training where is the training?  The name and function should match.  This looks like a discussion forum.

    Thank You Nick
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  • MiniZed seems very dead

    I am totally new to zedboards and fpga systems and SoCs like this in general, so sorry if this seems silly:   I was trying to run a hello world project on my MiniZed board when I accidentally diconnected the usb...
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  • Trying to build a Vivado bitstream for the minized+Petalinux

    Hi all, I am trying to find a .bsp file that will create a bitstream to use with PetaLinux. I tried minzed_ttc_2019_1.bsp When I open the project I get a number of missing vhdl modules which I found on the Avnet gi...
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  • where can I find speedway training lab files?

    My customer is specifically looking for LAB 9 of the Avnet Zynq Software Speed way design course” details how to make a dual core application in which both run bare metal.
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  • MiniZed JTAG FTDI FT2232 Programming (FT_PROG)

    The JTAG circuitry used on the Avnet MiniZed is a Xilinx solution based on the FTDI FT2232. As stated in https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/68889.html, "the proprietary solution is not documented or supported, and...
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    created by bhfletcher
  • MicroZed microSD card image archive failing virus scan

    I tried to down load the archive from this page, but it seems to be failing the on-site virus scan. I've tried a few times with the same result. MicroZed Linux microSD Card Image Archive   Error message: There...
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  • Petalinux failes when configuring U-boot environment

    So when I attempt petalinux-build after configuring u-boot with Environment -> Environment in an MMC Device enabled. It fails to build.     make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/mascenzi/Development/petalin...
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    created by nightpoison
  • Workshop "Integrating Sensors on MiniZed with PetaLinux 2019.1" - missing files

    I just started this free online course and tried to follow this instruction in LAB1 "2. From the host OS (Windows), locate the minized-petalinux-AvnetTTC-labs.tar.gz lab files archive within the Support_documents fold...
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  • Can a Zedboard be used without adding a Zynq processor?

    I have used the Zedboard as a processor with custom hardware, no problem.  Is it possible to start from the other end?  For instance, the most trivial case would be hooking up a Constant IP with 8 bits to th...
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  • Petalinux - MiniZed packages not visible rootfs

    Hello!   I have small problem with visibility of meta-user packages.   I have copied all "project-spec/meta-user/*" files from BSP 2019.1 to 2019.2 and I can't see any new fields in "petalinux-config -c ro...
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  • Trusty MiniZed Finally Bit The Dust

    Hello I'm getting no activity through TeraTerm My power LED is on, My two, once blinky, LEDs are both glowing a depressing shade of ORANGE. My power connections are correct. Apart from finding a version of Vitas ...
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