• Software Controled Multiplexer of EMMC and MIO pins

    i am using Picozed 7030. The bank 500 MIO pins (MIO 0 and 9-15) are multiplexed with the on-board EMMC device There is a multiplexer between the two uses - MIO or EMMC - which is connected by default to MIO 0 so it c...
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  • PicoZed  Altium files

    I need PicoZed Altium files
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  • Possible "typo" on schematics for Picozed 7020 revE

    In SOM schematic jx3 pin 88 is not available for Z7020 but is in connector going to bank13 is not under yellowed area. I think this is an error and it should be also marked as for 7015/30 only. Right?   We ...
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  • PicoZed fails to load OS from eMMC at low temp

    I am using the  AES-Z7PZ-7Z015-SOM-G Rev C04. When the board is cold started (power up after being powered off for a while) it will boot into Pentalinux but will not load the OS from the eMMC. After a c...
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  • Can't boot from eMMC in Standard Speed Mode at -30degC

    At -15degC its ok but it needs to boot at -30degC. I have at least 2 rev C Picozed 7030's with this problem and have complied with the advisory note by operating in standard speed mode at 25MHz (section 3.7 in the Av...
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  • Picozed 7Z015 SOM board - not in stock

    We've been designing a board centered around the 7Z015 Picozed SOM board. I've noticed recently that these boards (Mfg PN: AES-Z7PZ-7Z015-SOM-I-G/REV-E) have gone out of stock all over the place. Should I be concerned...
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  • eMMC init at Linux

    We have a problem when trying to enable the eMMC (soldered-chip)  at picozed (zynq zc702) evalutation board at Linux. The board is rev. E. We are using an HDF file from our firmware engineer which enabled the p...
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  • PicoZed-SOM-7030_FMC-CC-V2 FSBL support

    Hello There,     We are trying to get the PicoZed-SOM-7030 & FMC-CC-V2 setup working using the QSPI boot.   Setup - AES-Z7PZ-7Z030-SOM-I-G/REV-E - AES-PZCC-FMC-V2-G    Xilinx S...
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  • How to read JPG image from sd card using zynq 7030?

    Hello, We are developing demo Application for Picture in picture. for this we are using PicoZed 7030 board with FMC HDMI daughter card. We are referring FMC-HDMI-CAM + PYTHON-1300-C Reference Design Tutorial from ze...
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  • SDcard not writeable on PicoZed Rev E board (Rev C board works) ?

    We just got the first RevE 7020 module. With the RevC everything works. We install the QSPI and eMMC through booting a small LINUX from SDcard. With RevE the Linux boot stops with a Kernel panic or a maintenance req...
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  • SI analysis in Altium with PicoZed 7030

    Hello,   I'm currently working on a custom carrier board for the PicoZed 7030 board. I'm doing the design in Altium and as the design utilizes LVDS signals and some other high speed differential signals. So I wo...
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  • Program picozed's QSPI flash through Ethernet

    Hello,   I have a design that boots from QSPI on picozed board. The flash boot image consists of first stage boot loader (FSBL.elf),  FPGA (.bit) file and a standalone SDK application  (.elf) file (wit...
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  • Roadtest Review of the PicoZed

    Here's a roadtest review of the PicoZed:   https://www.element14.com/community/roadTestReviews/3232/l/Avnet-PicoZed-XC7Z010-+-FMC-Carrier-Card
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  • Using external reference TCXO on PicoZed

    I have a question regarding the PicoZED 7030 SOM.  We are considering using it in an upcoming baseband module, and I was wondering if you could help me with a question regarding the onboard clock oscillator. On o...
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  • picoZed 7010 MTBF

    Hello everyone,   does anybody know the value of the MTBF parameter in picoZed 7010 SoM?   I guess the exact value is going to be difficult to get. But an estimate would help me a lot, since I have to do s...
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  • Vivado 2018.3 can't parse PicoZed 7030 SOM files

    Vivado 2018.3 (as installed on my computer) can't parse the PicoZed SOM bdf files (xml) that I downloaded from github/Avnet/bdf. All the bdf files for FMC carrier cards, eval kits, etc; seem to be parsed correctly, an...
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  • PicoZed FMC Carrier Card Avaibility

    Could you please tell me when the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2 will be again available?    (As alternative) Regarding the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1, if I go on the website http://zedboard...
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  • Is there any life testing or reliability data to support the rugged claim for PicoZed 7020 Industrial Grade? Are details available about the production testing done to each board prior to sell off?

    Looking for some supporting information about design life, exposure to environments, and testing that bolster the claim that the product is rugged.
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  • Can I use a PicoZed V2 Carrier as a root complex?

    I have a project where I want to experiment with a root complex design, but I only have a PicoZed 7015 SOM and V2 Carrier. Is it possible to put a root complex design on a PicoZed SOM and connect a PCIe endpoint with ...
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  • Why DDR termination regulator part number is changed?

    Hi,   I am designing a custom board based on picozed 7015/7030. While looking at the revision history of picozed, I noticed that the DDR3 Termination regulator (U4) part number has been changed in revision D f...
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