• PicoZed FMC Carrier Card Avaibility

    Could you please tell me when the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2 will be again available?    (As alternative) Regarding the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1, if I go on the website http://zedboard...
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  • How to read JPG image from sd card using zynq 7030?

    Hello, We are developing demo Application for Picture in picture. for this we are using PicoZed 7030 board with FMC HDMI daughter card. We are referring FMC-HDMI-CAM + PYTHON-1300-C Reference Design Tutorial from ze...
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  • Is there any life testing or reliability data to support the rugged claim for PicoZed 7020 Industrial Grade? Are details available about the production testing done to each board prior to sell off?

    Looking for some supporting information about design life, exposure to environments, and testing that bolster the claim that the product is rugged.
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  • Can I use a PicoZed V2 Carrier as a root complex?

    I have a project where I want to experiment with a root complex design, but I only have a PicoZed 7015 SOM and V2 Carrier. Is it possible to put a root complex design on a PicoZed SOM and connect a PCIe endpoint with ...
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  • Why DDR termination regulator part number is changed?

    Hi,   I am designing a custom board based on picozed 7015/7030. While looking at the revision history of picozed, I noticed that the DDR3 Termination regulator (U4) part number has been changed in revision D f...
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  • Launched the PicoZed XC7Z010 + FMC Carrier Card. Submit an Application Today.

    I just launched our PicoZed Roadtest. It is your chance to obtain a Picozed and FMC Carrier Card for free in exchange for your review. To Learn more, click here: https://www.element14.com/community/roadTests/2092/l/Av...
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  • PCIe 20 degree bevel

    Hiya.   I creating my own PicoZed 7z015 carrier card with a PCIe edge connector.  I'm following the PicoZed Carrier Card V2 schematics and most of the board fab details I've found are in this document: ht...
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  • Is there a Fan and Heatsink kit that I can purchase for the PicoZed 7020?

    For the UltraZed Designer's Guide, there is a section that lists part numbers for the Cool Innovations heatsink and Sunon fan. I couldn't find such information for the PicoZed. Is this information available? And is th...
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  • PicoZed 7020 RevE - JX2 Jumpers and Rev-C MOQs

    We're working on producing a new round of controllers -- the first since about a year ago -- and we have a new purchase of PicoZed's to build them with. Our previous builds used Rev C of the PicoZed and our latest bui...
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  • Does PicoZed 7030 + FMC carrier board support 10G over SFP+?

    7030 has GTX which support 112.5Gb/s, and the carrier has SFP+. But I believe saw it somewhere stating that PicoZed doesn't support 10Gb/s. Does anyone have such experience?
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  • picoZed 7020 Ethernet interface connections to Ethernet Switch IC

    Hi, my design consists of a carrier board that provides Ethernet connection redundancy (among many other things) by two Ethernet ports. On the other hand, I'm using a picoZed 7020 SoM (based on Xilinx Zynq platform) w...
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  • Python 1300c VITA Receiver Documentation

    I suspect I may already know the answer to this, but I've been looking of any sort of documentation (i.e. register-level, timing, etc.) for the  OnSemi VITA Camera core provided as part of the GitHub archive for ...
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  • HDMI output on PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2

    Hi, I'm trying to get the HDMI output (ADV7511) running using an own displaycontroller and an own bar-metal software application. On my monitor I see just a flickering output (1902x1080x60) with a stable green verti...
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  • Setting up synthesizer on FMC carier card v2

    Hi, I've tried to set up the synthesizer as mentioned in: | Zedboard in "Transceiver Clock Programming Reference Design". But I have problem with it, cause I'm using Vivado 2018.3. I stopped at example 2. When I op...
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  • PicoZed board definition files for Vivado 2018

    Hello   I have found PicoZed board definition files for older versions of Vivado and definition files for fmc carriers, but have been unable to make either work. I am working with a custom board with a PicoZed ...
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  • Where is the documentation that describes the difference between the standard and enhanced picozed bsp

    No explanation of the difference is contained in the readme as there should be.  What's the difference?
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  • PicoZed VIN=15V?

    I am using the PicoZed 7010 (rev. C and E) with a custom carrier card, currently using VIN=+12V supply but would like to move to +15V. PicoZed HW Guide recommends +5/12V and limits max VIN=13.2V, but board components ...
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  • Device Tree Configuration of Picozed

    Hi,   I try to configure device tree of Petalinux platform on Picozed board (PicoZed_7015_Rev_C03 S/N: BD-Z7PZP-7Z015I-G). The board is plugged on PicoZed FMC Carrier Gen2 and the PHY device is marvell,88e1512. ...
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  • PicoZed Power Sequence Sanity Check

    Hello,   We are in the process of designing a carrier card for our PicoZeds and I wanted to get a sanity check on our setup for powerup. While we think we are correct, we have another product with a larger Zynq ...
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  • What is PicoZed Rev 1?

    A build of PicoZed Rev E boards was mistakenly labeled on the bag as Rev 1. The board inside the bag is a Rev E. This was a mistake in the bag labeling only.   Bryan
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