• Picozed SDR breakdown

    Hi, I'm working on Picozed SDR 2x2 SOM board (I bought a software development kit). I wanted to connect the board to a portable battery and use it, and in the process, the board seems to have overcurrent. After a litt...
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  • PicozedSDR(adrv9361-z7035) Transmit issues

    Dear All I am working on picozed sdr som (adrv9361-z7035 ) . downloaded the reference design (HDL - linux OS) and then inserted ILA to see the samples on ADC path and DAC path. On ADC path I observed some samples but...
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  • Xilinx voucher for Vivado Design Suite

    Hi, When purchasing a PicoZed SDR, are we entitled for a license voucher  to Xilinx Vivado Design Suite? If not, will the free ISE WebPACK license be suffice to write applications such as receive samples t...
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  • PicoZed SDR AD9361 Development Kit Documentation

    Matt, I was hoping there is everything available regarding the development kit as there is for the SOM? - Bill of Materials - Mechanical Drawings - Schematic - Potential user constraints Thanks, Craig
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  • SD card image for picozed SDR

    Hi,    My monitor can not display anything 50 seconds later after the board was powered on, and the monitor was connected with board correctly, and it can work well when connected with PC. when board ...
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  • New carrier board?

    Does anybody know what this carrier board is shown in the photo on Mathworks' site? https://www.mathworks.com/discovery/sdr.html
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  • zynqbook tutorials

    can zynqbook tutorials be used in picozed kit? how to program bit file in picozed kit?
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  • Windriver Pulsar linux image for Picozed-7035 SOM

    Hi, The picozed 7035 som comes with an SD card pre-installed with windriver pulsar linux.  Where to get the image of this linux for further development ? It is not available in the repository of wind...
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  • About U-Boot for picozed

    Hi  all,        I have a DVSK board(Picozed, QSPI+eMMC ). And download u-boot-xlnx-xilinux-v2015.4, using different config to build uboot, It's get different result.   &#...
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  • carrier board not initializing.

    When I start up my development board and follow all the quick start instructions the carrier board powers up with all red LEDs. LED0, DS1 and DS8 are red. I never get the blue led signifying that the configuration is ...
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  • PicoZed SDR Pin connections

    In Vivado I'm trying to assign ports of my block design to the package pins and I've run into an issue for the connections between the XC7Z035 and AD9361.   An example is the schematic net named "IO_L23_35_S...
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  • dxf, step or gerber file

    We are trying to design our own daughter card for the PicoZed SDR and when we received our first run of boards the connectors do not line up.  We used the dimensions stated in the user guide and it was one pad wi...
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  • PicozedSDR Development Board ( AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G)

    Hi , I am working using the PicozedSDR Development Board ( AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G) with Zynq7z035 device. I am using VIVADO_2016.2 for my development purpose. I donot find any reference design to start my work f...
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  • Need SuperSequencer firmware for new silicon

    The latest version v1.4 of the ADM1166 SuperSequencer firmware did not work for me. When I recalled that firmware text file, I got the following error message: The file you are recalling was created using an old re...
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  • Video Unavailable

    On the page, http://microzed.org/product/picozed-sdr-development-kit, the video "Day 1 PM Lab: QPSK Receiver with Radio-in-the-loop " cannot be viewed. Where can one find this video and all other information reg...
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  • AD9361 ADC DAC

    What a model of ADC and DAC is used in AD9361?
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  • High Q13 Voltage Drop Forcing Power Off

    Today I found that the 1.2V drop across the Q13 MOSFET power switch causes the ADM1166 power sequencer to automatically shut off the PicoZed SDR power supplies. The shutdown problem does not happen until the board ...
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  • SuperSequencer not working with PWR_ENABLE pin

    Hey,   I'm having a problem with my PicoZed SDR SOM not booting up when I control the power via the PWR_ENABLE pin.  According to the manual, the ADM1166 won't enable supplies until PWR_ENABLE goes high, b...
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  • AD9361 Sample Rate

    I have PicoZed™ SDR SOM Z7035/AD9361 Development Kit.   On the repository https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/libiio in examples I found ad9361-iiostream.c.   In this file author set sample rate 2....
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  • HW mac addr

    Hi, I have spent some time trying to see where the board gets its mac addr from for eth0 and I am now stumped. This is a unique address which is on a sticker on the SOM. I thought perhaps this was programed into the E...
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