• Ultra96 Audio options

    I saw a question about Ultra96 audio, but I think it's been deleted now. For future reference, I'm not aware of any audio projects currently with Ultra96-V2. I think you will need some external circuitry to make this ...
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    created by bhfletcher
  • Trace lengths in Ultra96-V2

    Hello all, There is a text document available which lists all trace lengths for Ultra96-V2 board. Is it documented anywhere whether the listed lengths include the corresponding package delays inside the Zynq chip? We...
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  • Upgrading Ultra96-v2 Pmic & Heat sink

    I picked up an Ultra96-v2 in May last year, and really enjoy it. However, there's two things that have popped up that I'm hoping someone will be able to answer.   First, it sounds a bit petty, but the one thing ...
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  • U96v2 display port / modetest problem

    Hi, I have a working U96v1 design that I ported over to U96v2.  Everything seems to be working in the new v2 design, Vitis DPU integration, Xilinx drivers including DRM all boot up OK, our HW and drivers in linu...
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  • Vitis-AI 1.2 on Avnet Ultra96-V2

    If you didn't see this over on Hackster, it is definitely worth checking out!   Vitis-AI 1.2 Flow for Avnet VITIS Platforms https://www.hackster.io/AlbertaBeef/vitis-ai-1-2-flow-for-avnet-vitis-platforms-7cb3aa
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    created by bhfletcher
  • Ultra96-v2 pin function assignment

    Hello All,   I'd like to as you if is it possible to change function assigned to pin (in Vivado I/O planning) related with MIO. E.g. change assignment of user LEDs from MIO to EMIO. Or do I understand somethi...
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  • Ultra96 SD Card > 32GB ?

    Does the Ultra96 board support > 32GB SD cards?   (Specifically for PetaLinux)   Thank you!
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  • petalinux-config Xfce

    Hello, I have used Petalinux v2018.2 with the Ultra96 BSP, and ended with the default Matchbox instead of Enlightenment of the demo image. It seems Enlightenment is blacklisted in the last openembedded release, so I ...
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  • Is a schematic available for the AES-ACC-U96-JTAG?

    Is there any more documentation on the Ultra96 accessories? I need to know if I can connect 1.8 volts to the VREF of the UART on the AES-ACC-U96-JTAG.
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  • Any examples for 96Boards ON Semiconductor Dual Camera Mezzanine?

    I just bought one of the new 96Boards ON Semiconductor Dual Camera Mezzanine boards and was hoping to use it for a project. Is there any examples or documentation for this? I downloaded the OOB image, flahsed it to mi...
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  • How to choose a battery to power Ultra96 board

    Hi!   I would like to build a robot using Ultra96 board and I would like to know how to choose a battery instead of using the Power Supply Kit.   In this UAvnet Ultra96-V2 Powered Turtlebot3 Burger Robotic...
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  • Using OpenOCD with Ultra96

    I am trying to use OpenOCD with the Ultra96 board and the Avnet JTAG to serial adapter. I'm wondering if anyone has been down this road yet or if I'm the first one. --Chuck
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  • Dual Camera Mezzanine slated for Q1 2020

    I wanted to let the community know that we are working on a dual camera mezzanine for Ultra96. The mezzanine will feature ON Semi image sensors connected to the Xilinx MPSoC through the High-speed 96Boards CE mezzanin...
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  • Ultra96 V2 USB OTG/Device port

    I am trying to connect Ultra96 to a PC through the USB OTG port (J7 - mini a/b) using the RnDIS driver... however the usb port seems unresponsive. It does not enumerate on either my Windows or Linux PC. Is there anyth...
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  • Petalinux start app automatically on boot

    Hi, I am using the OOB image on the Ultra96 and am having a hard time getting my application to launch on start up. What is the petalinux user-space method to launch an app at boot? Similar to systemd on Debian or pl...
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  • Program ATMega of 96Boards Sensors

    I'm stuck trying to program the ATMega of the 96Boards Sensors. The manual asks for a Debian image that I think is not available for Ultra96-V2. I couldn't do anything with PetaLinux or the PYNQ image. Did anyone succ...
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    last modified by marciodo
  • PS LPDDR4 settings?

    We are trying to understand this option.  My customer is using the exact same part number for LPDDR4 that is used on the Ultra96v2 board.  For LPDDR4, the option for "address mirroring" is disabled.  Yo...
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    last modified by mike.mandeville
  • Ultra96v2 board failed, need RMA

    My Ultra96 failed after two days of operation,   First day worked fine,next day required frequent power ON, OFF to get working.  Now lights up LEDs, no wifi SSID, will not power OFF using power pushbutton. ...
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  • MicroZed board is not powering

    Hi,   I just unpacked the microzed (Z10), and does not power up. I check the USB cable, evetythign is fine... but neither of the LEDs turn on.   What is supposed I need to do?   Best Regards, Miguel
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  • Ultra96 PCB Files

    Does anyone have Gerber files for the Ultra96 PCB?
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