Hi everyone,


I wanted to bring an issue to everyone's attention.  When the ORIGINAL UltraZed-EV power tree was created it was based on the then power needs.  From then, we have been operating with that guidance.  At this time, the current VCU specifications calls out a new power specification.  This has changed from 0.85V to 0.90V.


IF you are not using the VCU, this issue does not have any affect on you.

If you are planning or are using the VCU - while it will run at the lower voltage and you will not damage anything, it is not a supported configuration and you will see reduced performance.


At this time, we are evaluating options and once we have a proper path forward I will do a followup post as well as generate the appropriate documentation.

If you are currently evaluating the VCU, please contact your local Avnet FAE so that we can ensure you stay in the loop as we progress on the best option forward.