• Xilinx Hello world on PicoZed 7020 SOM

    Hello, I have been attempting to get the Hello world tutorial from Xilinx (UG1165) up and running on Zynq XC7Z020. I have following hardware configuration PicoZed 7020 SOM and PicoZed FMC Carrier Card Gen2. I hav...
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  • Modifying SDK to Use a Generic Hyperterminal

    Hello,   I am  currently using the terminal window that comes with SDK 2016.4. I need use a generic hyperterminal window (such as PUTTY) on the host PC instead. This would mean modifying the SDK UART driver...
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  • PCIE Lane Change from GT Lane 0 Vivado

    Hello,   I am currently working with the Ultra96 board from Avnet. In vivado (2018.3), when I go into Re-customizing IP (on ZYNQ UltraSCALE+), I am given options to configure PCIE but it does not allow me to con...
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    created by denyss
  • Error building OOB Design in ISE 14.4

    Hi I am trying to build the out-of-box design myself, so I can modify it. I tried to follow this guide, but cannot generate the bitstream using xilinx platform studio that came with ISE 14.4 (The version that was us...
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  • Slow debug in SDK (Vivado 2014-2016)

    Hello I´m playing with zedboard with tutorials/workshop/training stuff from this site for 2 last days. I´m the newbie into this world (have some background with embedded C, microcontrollers...) Now I&acu...
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  • How do I add locales to Petalinux build?

    That's basically it. I'm getting python error, asking to set UTF-8 locale. And wherever I try to set it with export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 it says that there is no such file or directory. 
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  • Vivado 2016.2

    I'd like to try using Vivado 2016.2 for Zedboard development. Has anyone else tried this? What version do I install? My 2014 license that I got when I purchaesed my board doesn't seem to work for 2016. The lice...
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  • Zedboard Zynq 7000

    Is there a way to just input a voltage and read it through the terminal using the XADC Header on the Zynq 7000 Zedboard? If so, can this be done using the VP VN pins?
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  • Zynq book tutorial and errors

    So, apparently, there is no search function in these forums, and I cannot post my question because the system thinks it is spam.  Any way this forum can be improved, and how do I post my question without it look...
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  • MZEMBV sdsoc 2016.2 platform does not pass Xilinx platform_dm_test

    The sdsoc 2016.2 platform for Microzed embedded develompment kit don't pass the platform_dm_test procedure. Platform_dm_test is a basic liveness test for every data mover used within an SDSOC system co...
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  • Having problem with SDK 2017.1 when I am targeting UltraZed PCIe Carrier Card

    Hi, Currently I am using Xilinx SDK 2017.1. I created a design using Vivado 2017.1 and then created "hardware platform" on same project directory "proj_dir.sdk". After that I launched SDK from vivado, then created ...
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  • FMC Zedboard

    I am using Zedboard and have successfully connected the Xilinx XM105 board to FMC of zedboard. Now, I am facing the problem with the another PCB custom designed by me while connecting to Zedboard FMC. The pin c...
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  • OpenAMP on MicroZed using Xilinx 16.2 tools?

    I want to run a Linux/FreeRTOS OpenAMP application on a MicroZed board, using Vivado 16.2. I've made a great deal of progress, but appear to be missing something. This is my rough plan:   Install Vivado 16.2 an...
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  • Problem with Chapter 5 of zedboard_CTT tutorial

    So im trying to do CTT(Zynq Concepts, Tools, and Techniques on ZedBoard) tutorial and i got stuck in where I have to boot linux system on the board(chapter 5). when i try 5.2.3 step 7 i get this output below zed-boot...
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  • ChipScope Tip

    I used ChipScope for the first time on the Zynq the other day and learned something important: the AXI clock (and I assume the other 3 clocks available from the PS) don't run until the PS is initialized. I've been us...
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  • petalinux in sdk

    Hello I am working with 7z020 board and using ISE 14.7. My problem is when I am making BSP for linux environment then Board support operating system is only "standalone" . there is no option for "pitalinux" I search a...
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  • Cannot get simple app to load on MicroZed using PetaLinux

    Vivado 2015.4 PetaLinux 2015.4 Windows 7 running VirtualBox & Ubuntu 14.04 MicroZed Rev F I have followed the guide for the Mini-ITX and the guides provided from Xilinx to build PetaLinux on a MicroZed. I just wa...
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  • Vivado - Chipscope - ZedBoard license

    Hello All, I have been using my Zedboard locked license file to do software and hardware development on my ZedBoard. Today, I tried to use the Vivado Chipscope tool and got the following error message when I tried to...
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  • Vivado 2015.2 GUI Crash on CentOS 7.0

    I just wanted to let other folks know that I ran across this problem when trying to setup Vivado 2015.2.1 on a CentOS 7.0 installation.  Even though UG973 shows CentOS 7.0 as a supported OS, there appears to be s...
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  • serial terminal stop working

    Hi I am working on 7z020 board and I am booting board from sdcard. When I programmed my board through sdk->xilinx tools->programmed FPGA. then it programmed and blue Done LED on. The problem is after that serial...
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