Hi all!

I am making this post to let you know that we here at Avnet have generated and posted quite a few PetaLinux BSPs and Vitis platforms (with examples) for our products!


These are all for PetaLinux and Vitis 2020.1 unless noted.  Items that are not filled in or do NOT have links yet, are in the works or not being actively supported as of this post.  Those products can be accessed through the Product link column and all of the original materials are listed there!

I'll update this list as we post more.


The Vitis platforms are configured with additional content and support to allow for this to be used with Vitis AI.  We have validated these platforms with Vitis AI 1.2 and we have a Hackster Project that will help you expand your functionality and use of these platforms!

I also posted a blog over in the FPGA Group that has some details on the make flow changes for the Vitis repository:

2020.1 Vitis Repo Changes!


Lastly, you will see that this post, we are hosting the images from a SharePoint.  You can access this site from any of the DOWNLOAD links, however, they all point to: http://avnet.me/ZedSupport


There you will see a file structure:
<tool version>/<Type>/<fileName>

We have also included MD5 files this time around!



PetaLinux BSP

Vitis (PetaLinux)

Vitis (Prebuilt with Example)

GitHub Tag

MicroZed 7010DOWNLOAD2020p1_mz_petalinux_MZ7010_FMCCC_20201104_065342
MicroZed 7020DOWNLOAD2020p1_mz_petalinux_MZ7020_FMCCC_20201104_065342
PicoZed 7010DOWNLOAD2020p1_pz_petalinux_PZ7010_FMC2_20201104_065342
PicoZed 7015DOWNLOAD2020p1_pz_petalinux_PZ7015_FMC2_20201104_065342
PicoZed 7020DOWNLOAD2020p1_pz_petalinux_PZ7020_FMC2_20201104_065342
PicoZed 7030DOWNLOAD2020p1_pz_petalinux_PZ7030_FMC2_20201104_065342
UltraZed-EG IOCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p1_uz_petalinux_UZ3EG_IOCC_20201104_065342
UltraZed-EG PCIeCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p1_uz_petalinux_UZ3EG_PCIEC_20201104_065342
UltraZed-EV EVCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p1_uz_petalinux_UZ7EV_EVCC_20201104_065342