Hi all!

I am making this post to let you know that we here at Avnet have generated and posted quite a few PetaLinux BSPs and Vitis platforms (with examples) for our products!  That is 33 images!


These are all for Vivado, PetaLinux and Vitis 2020.2.  All 11 base Designed By Avnet products have every aspect of their support, with the exception of MiniZed!  All products can be accessed through the Product link column and all of the original materials are listed there!


The Vitis platforms are configured with additional content and support to allow for this to be used with Vitis AI.  The exception are products that do not have enough space, for example Zynq 7007 and Zynq 7010 based products.  We have validated these platforms with Vitis AI 1.3 and we have a Hackster Project that will help you expand your functionality and use of these platforms!


There has been MANY MANY changes to the repository.

  • We cleaned up / removed a lot of stagnant old designs
  • Corrected uppercase / lowercase folder structures in HDL repo
  • Simplified and unified all the naming for tags, build commands, etc
    • HDL command: make_<$board>_<$carrier>_<$design_name>.tcl
    • PetaLinux:         make_<$board>_<$carrier>_<$design_name>.sh
  • Reduced the confusion for our build flow by creating 1:1 scripts for projects / designs
    • We took feedback from customers and implemented it!
  • We grouped the product according to their type
    • MiniZed and Ultra96V2 are Single Board Computers
    • The UltraZed Family are System On Modules - which are directly associated with specific carrier cards


We created two new blogs that help explain these changes.  If you are familiar with narrucmot and his fantastic Avnet HDL git HOWTO and PetaLinux articles, strap in for a fun ride!  Tom has created new blogs explaining the 2020.2 flow!!!

Avnet HDL git HOWTO (Vivado 2020.2 and later)

(http://avnet.me/e14-blog-hdl-git-howto )

Using Avnet Build Scripts to Build a PetaLinux BSP (2020.1 and later)


I suggest bookmarking the Avnet.me links as they are SURLs.  We will update those to always point to the latest most current blogs!

*** NOTE that the Vitis repo has also sustained some updates.  Mostly to coordinate with the new HDL and PetaLinux changes.  There will be a blog later on, but for now, you can use the built in help (just type make without a parameter or make help for extended help)


This also laid the ground work for a much more efficient release schedule for reference designs.  For example, in the coming months, we are targeting a multitude of reference designs for UltraZed-EV and Ultra96V2

  • HDMI pass-through
  • HDMI + VCU
  • HDMI + quad camera
  • HDMI + quad camera + VCU
  • LOTS of work being done on software drivers for the image sensors
  • Overhauled dual camera BSP for Ultra96-V2
    • Removes obsolete v_osd IP and other non-essential logic from the PL
  • Working to replace Chromium with a more embedded friendly Browser
    • no one wants a 12 hour build for a ZU3EG part!

*** NOTE the above designs are IN the repo, but they are not tagged and since they are actively being worked on are not being fully supported at this time.


You can access this site from any of the DOWNLOAD links, however, they all point to: http://avnet.me/ZedSupport


There you will see a file structure:
<tool version>/<Type>/<fileName>

We have also included MD5 files this time around!



PetaLinux BSP

Vitis (PetaLinux)

Vitis (Prebuilt with Example)

GitHub Tag

MicroZed 7010DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_mz7010_som_base_20210426_105325
MicroZed 7020DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_mz7020_som_base_20210426_105325
PicoZed 7010DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_pz7010_fmc2_base_20210426_105325
PicoZed 7015DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_pz7015_fmc2_base_20210426_105325
PicoZed 7020DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_pz7020_fmc2_base_20210426_105325
PicoZed 7030DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_pz7030_fmc2_base_20210426_105325
UltraZed-EG IOCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_uz3eg_iocc_base_20210426_105325
UltraZed-EG PCIeCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_uz3eg_pciec_base_20210426_105325
UltraZed-EV EVCCDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD2020p2_uz7ev_evcc_base_20210426_105325


Note MiniZed needed more attention to the way we packaged up the output products.