I'm designing my own baseboard for an Zynq MMP (AES-MMP-7Z045-G).  Now I'm wondering, why the documentation for the MMP as well as for the BB2 use 2.0V as VCCAUX_IO. When implementing the reference design i...
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  • dma.test.c

    hello people here! please could you tell me from where I can download 'support documents' which inside dma.test.c. I was following tutorial of zedborad.org 
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  • SDSoC Platform definition?

    Hi,   Are there any plans to release SDSoC platform definition for MMP? 7045 and baseboard in particular.   Thanks!
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  • Zynq MMP Product Change Notices

    Please subscribe to this thread if you would like to receive notifications of Product Change Notices (PCN) related to Zynq MMP. Bryan
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  • Temperature Rating

    What is the temperature operating range for the Zynq MMP? I can't seem to find it in any of the available documentation. Thanks
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  • MMP Power Supplies

    Hello all, I am looking at power management in the MMP. I understand that there are a eight voltage rails needed: 1V, 1V(MGT), 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2V, 2.5V, 3.3V (Please correct me if I am wrong). I've tried looking at ...
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  • LVCMOS33 support?

    Hi, I am trying to use Zynq-MMP 7100 to receive data from a PMODMIC3 microphone using SPI protocol but failed. The microphone need 3.3V power supply but I found no 3.3V port on either JX1 or JX2. I wonder if it's pos...
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  • Height of MMP Z7100 with Fan and Heatsink

    Does the fan and heat-sink pictured on the product site come with the Z7100 MMP?  The 3D CAD model does not show it.  Can anyone post the height of the MMP with the fan and heat sink?
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  • MMP Power Supply

    I am looking at creating my own MMP power supply. Looking over all the documentation, are all the rails needed? I am powering all of my sensors, display, and cameras by their own sources. I just need the MMP to take i...
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  • Zynq MMP and embedded vision

    Hi, Can I plug a Zynq MMP in a Microzed embedded vision carrier card? If not, is there any way I can get a microzed card with a larger Zynq device (say a 7045 or a 7100)? Thanks.
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  • No Target with ID 64 in the System

    when I use SDK and lauch on hardware(GDB),there are always this error "No Target with ID 64 in the System", even I use the Tempate Hello World, the error  still exist. who can help me resolve this error...
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  • SPI Port Access

    Newbie alert! We are currently using the MicroZed board and are looking at the MMP for a new project. Looking at the Schematic, there are no SPI ports broken out to the connectors as they are on the MicroZed. I und...
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  • mmp -7z100 compatability

    Hi, Recently I received 2 aes-mmp-7z100-g rev c modules. I would like to know if they are compatible with the Mini-Module Plus Baseboard II. I cannot determine this from the documentation.  Thank...
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  • mmp SD card requirement

    Hi We have copied SD card images from a working mmp board into a new SD card for the second mmp board. We have realized that (1) SD card formating is critical; (2) SD card type is also critical. Is there any general ...
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  • linux karnal uImage problam cant synchronize with .dtb file

    hello every one    I am using zynq ZC703 and i make a u-boot.elf ,Uimage and system.dts file. 1> i made a u-boot.elf file by following command         make zynq_zc70x_...
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  • Power Module board for MMP

    Hi Is there a 3D drawing for the Power Module board AES-POM-RHM1-G and AES-POM-PAN2-G ? e.g. in the step format. Thanks!   
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  • standalone OS  reference design problem

    I am trying to run the Zynq standalone OS embedded reference design on my MMP 7z045 eval board. In the Version 1 Aug 2015 instructions, in section 7.3 Running the Memory Test, after I do the Run As > laun...
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  • 3D model for MMP

    Hello, Is there a 3D model for the MMP available? Robin
  • Trace length matching on the MGTs and routing lengths of other signals

    Are the trace lengths matched on all the MGTs and between the MGTs?  Ie. The diff pairs are matched length but are the channel to channel lengths also length matched? Is there a table of routing lengths for the ...
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  • Number of I/O on the JX1/JX2 connectors

    It looks like there are 132 I/O on the JX1/JX2 connectors. Five of those pins that appear to be defined in the User's Guide as Clock inputs. It looks like they can also be used as outputs.  Can all 132 I/O pins b...
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