Since we launched the Dream SensorBoard it has been wonderful to see each and every creation so far! From Home Environment sensors to how much the trees are swaying for an early-warning system.


As part of creating your SensorBoard we've been encouraging you to put a lot of thought and description into your designs as per the current competition to Design your Dream SensorBoard and Win an Oculus Quest with $300 of Products!


Each week up until we decide the grand prize winners, we're giving away a goodie bag of random products, hardware, and element14 swag from the element14 Community staff. Make sure you reply when you're sent a message choosing you!


Last week's winner is sambit1991 with their sambit1991's DreamBoard Design 718500 : ATHENA-VI - designing their SensorBoard for automotive applications, it's likely that one or more SensorBoards could be used in sambit1991 's vehicle for sensor tracking amidst the rest of the system inside the car.

sambit1991 will be receiving the following in their swag bag :


  • element14 Community paraphernalia
  • Openscope MZ from Digilent
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • GraslIO cloudio Raspberry Pi add-on


There's still another random assortment of hardware available for this week, so get posting with your Dream SensorBoards! And you're still in with a chance to win the $300 shopping cart