By now you may have learned How to Create your Dream SensorBoard , a project created to help crowd-source what the ultimate collection of sensors on a module would be for you, an engineer or maker, and a way to give feedback to our suppliers on what you want to see in a future product. Whether that be a humidity sensor with a camera, a light sensor with a gyroscope, or being able to communicate this over serial or Bluetooth standards.


We opened this campaign up to the general public to become an element14 Community member and existing members, to show us what you wanted to create, and after seeing many boards that have been created, the element14 Community team along with molex have deliberated over the designs, stories, choices and creations we have came to a decision as to who should win the grand prizes for Designing your Dream SensorBoard to Win an Oculus Quest with $300 of Products! We received some great designs for consideration!


The Prizes

The winners will each receive an Oculus Quest - the newest technology in wireless Virtual Reality. Being able to experience environments, software and gaming with no restrictions imposed by wires or a personal computer.



Along with $300 worth of shopping cart from one of our online stores!


The Winners


Please join me in congratulating koudelad and ntewinkel for their Dream SensorBoard designs!


koudelad created a design aimed at helping Rehabilitation for injured or physically disabled persons, you can read more detail about the design here: koudelad's DreamBoard Design 736854 : Rehabilitation aid



While the device in practice may not seem complicated, the readings from such a device could help to teach or 'learn' what the best procedures and practices are for rehabilitation, and what can be expected from healthy and normal movement as a benchmark while comparing those going through rehabilitation.


Already fortunate to be chosen as one of our Weekly Winners, ntewinkel 's design ntewinkel's DreamBoard Design 729969 : Greenhouse/Shed/RV/Car Environmental Sensor caught our attention as vertical farming, home growing and monitoring in car environments become all the more important:



It not only becomes a matter of health to make sure our environment is stable and accurate, but a matter of safety of equipment to ensure it is maintained at a temperature that's tolerable for operation. I personally had a friend's business almost fail because their fridge/freezers failed on them - and the environment or equipment wasn't monitored to ensure that it was still functioning within its means.


So congratulations to you both!


However, this isn't the end for the Dream SensorBoard - we will keep the ability to create your boards open for publication and make sure to 'follow' the space for more notifications in the future.