Queen’s University Formula SAE Design Race Team


The Queen’s University
Formula SAE Design and Race Team is an entirely student run design team that, each year, designs and constructs a small Formula-style race car for four
annual, international competitions. At these competitions, the design and performance of the vehicle are evaluated by judges who have a range of industry
backgrounds.  This team brings together students of various faculties and disciplines to exchange and develop ideas to improve the vehicle each year, building on experience achieved over a long team history.

CadSoft’s PCB Design Software, EAGLE, is an asset to the team, in the design of PCBs. The team has used EAGLE to design aerodynamic data collection circuitry, dash
components and fuse boxes. Continuing to use EAGLE will allow the team to continue developing and improving the components mentioned above, along with developing an automatic, electronic shifting system. The PCBs designed using EAGLE provides reliable on-board electronics and offers students the opportunity to expand their technical abilities.

The presentation provided by CadSoft regarding Element14 was very useful for the team, with knowledge of the range resources available being indispensable. The team will find these resources not only for EAGLE but also as a resource for Arduino related projects such as the automatic shifting system. The team looks forward to exploring the resources Element14 offers!

Scott McGill