Get ready for an amazing EAGLE release. Major upgrades and new functionality are on the way to a desktop near you so keep that subscription current, this is one you really don't want to miss out on. We can only give you a sneak preview at this stage but it really will be worth the wait.


For the big picture think Smart and Functional - the merging of electronic (smart) and mechanical (functional) for truly integrated intelligent product design.


  • Intelligent board shape, no longer just a collection of lines but a true object with the ability to create complex and sophisticated shapes.
  • Fusion 360 integration, moving beyond 3D visualisation and into true bi-directional integration between electronic and mechanical CAD (ECAD <> MCAD)
  • Share your EAGLE product designs with managed libraries and Fusion Team Viewer.
  • Active layer routing mode, helping you say eagle eyed and focused on your PCB routing task, highlighting the current working layer whist fading out other layers.


Want to know more? See some of the advanced interoperability and new features in this preview video.



And what is even more amazing, for just $400 per year (approx) you can have these amazing advanced tools allowing you to perform full product design on your next great idea. Subscribe to the future, order your EAGLEEAGLE and Fusion 360Fusion 360 licenses now.