The new version is here! If you have a subscription then just download the update and start exploring. Here's a quick run down of the new features in Autodesk Eagle's biggest release so far. First though I would suggest watching this video first if you haven't already seen it, a quick paced overview showing the integration possibilities between EAGLE and Fusion 360.


Board Shape Editor

Previous versions of Eagle used a collection of lines and shapes to define a board outline. Now there is a true board object that will power Eagle and lay the foundation for more powerful ECAD/MCAD integration in future releases. When opening an existing Eagle designs bounding boxes will be used to automatically create the new board outline with enclosed bounding boxes assumed to be cutouts. The new board object can even be edited within Fusion 360 bringing the power of advanced mechanical design tools.



PCB Preview

The birth of a new feature to help visualise your board and see statistics in a more accessible manner than previously possible. Examples of statistics include minimum feature trace widths, spacings, drill sizes, annular rings, board to copper clearance and soldermask swell. Visually see the soldermask over traces, just like on your manufactured board. Rotate in 2D and quickly isolate different layers to help generate documentation, notes, marketing material and more.


Fusion 360 Integration

Collaboration is the name of the game. With the brand new Fusion 360 integration you can incorporate PCBs directly into mechanical product designs. Going far beyond just a 3D PCB viewer, integration allows bi-directional data sharing between the PCB and product design and collaboration with the wider team.

Eagle Fusion 360 Integration


Lots of individual features go into making up the integration, lets take a look.


Online Library Editor for 3D Models

The new managed libraries come with 3D models properly aligned on footprints (land patterns), edit libraries to include models and enhance your own libraries in the same way.The new online library editor enhances your parts library ready for integration with Fusion 360 to bring your design to life. Devices with an online 3D model will be marked with a new icon letting you know the device is complete.



Sync With Fusion 360

Link your PCB with a Fusion 360 design (generating a Fusion PCB file) to get an accurate 3D representation of your electronics within the overall product design. It is possible to start off a design from Eagle, from Fusion or join up two existing designs, the choice is yours. The 3D models from the library are used to render your PCB design within Fusion. For complex product designs the PCB shape and mounting points can be extracted to create your Eagle PCB, no need to re-draw the board outline and be sure it will fit. The 3D model will allow you to check the fit in full 3D along with connector positioning and any other critical factors. Product design is an iterative process, if the enclosure for the PCB needs adjusting you can change the board outline and reposition components from within Fusion and push those changes back to Eagle.



Active Layer Mode

Cut through the clutter! Add focus to your interactive routing with active layer mode. Press shortcut Shift + S and the layer you are on becomes the active layer. Other layers become greyed out or hidden depending on your preferences. Compared with the current process of having to invoke the layers panel and turn layers on and off this new feature is a real time saver.


This feature is ideal for multi-layer boards and will boost your productivity. See just what you need, distraction free, to be able to interactively route with all your concentration on the active layer making it easier to determine paths, the flow of traces and how to optimise existing routes.


Team Collaboration

The Fusion Team Collaboration tool makes it easy to review you design in 3D right from your browser. Share links with others and collaborate with markup tools including text and callouts. A documentation, design review and collaboration tool you can use on any device with a modern browser including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Simply push your design into Fusion 360 to make it available. User's don't need Eagle to see and appreciate the brilliant design you you have done!



Bug Fixes

  • [EGL-91] - Empty (black) desktop remains after closing a full screen window (OS X)
  • [EGL-2107] - [Windows] Eagle does not start in debug mode on Visual Studio
  • [EGL-2245] - Build failures: can't find oPackage3d.
  • [EGL-2254] - 3d packages aren't shown in cDeviceDialog search results.
  • [EGL-2285] - [Win7] The context-sensitive help button does not perform any valid function
  • [EGL-2311] - Routing command doesn't take ALT grid document
  • [EGL-2314] - & is not displayed well on the top right user name.
  • [EGL-2333] - Element-embedded objects fail to update board outline.
  • [EGL-2344] - EAGLE hangs and shows Not Responding when drawing with layer 20 Dimension & layer 46 Milling