The rapid evolution of Autodesk EAGLE continues apace with version 8.6 just around the corner. As you will probably be aware many new & updated features have been added over the past year and here we take a sneak look at what's about to arrive.


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Lets take a look at what's new...


Manufacturing Hub


The one place for all your manufacturing needs, see a real time view of how your PCB will look including solder mask, copper and more.


Preview Tab

  • Real-time preview of the PCB, updated in real time as you edit your design.
  • Export DXF, bitmap image and generate CAM output files.
  • Filter to see top, bottom and drill perspective.


Board Tab

  • Numerous board statistics
  • Valuable for manufacturers to have or for obtaining quotes
  • Covers board thickness, drill sizes, trace widths, board area and much more


Drills Tab


  • Consolidated view of all drill holes (including vias) on the board along with drill sizes.
  • Tolerance range can be applied to reduce number of unique drills
  • Quick data export available


New CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Processor


Generate manufacturing documentation with templates and file previews with custom defined jobs to clearly communicate your design intent.




  • Layer specific templates (2 layer, 4 layer etc) that automatically configures all required outputs
  • Manufacturer specific templates, get it right first time with your chosen manufacturer


File Preview and Editing

  • Built in Gerber viewer, no need for third party products
  • Adjust layers included for each Gerber file
  • Ability to edit output file names, layer numbers etc


Gerber X2

Support has been added for the very latest Gerber standard. Advanced features not present in RS-274X include:

  • Layer stack ordering and definitoin
  • Drill data, including plated/non-plated holes, blind/buried vias, cutouts and more.



Used by hobbyists and professionals alike, Autodesk EAGLE keeps getting better and better literally by the month with frequent releases bring you bug fixes and new features in a timely manner. The latest release includes more control over manufacturing data leading to better quality product data and less chance of human error.