Almost like clockwork Autodesk keep churning out EAGLE released and not just for bug fixed but whole new features as well. Here's we take a quick tour of the major changes for this release.


Object Inspector

Making mass changes has never been easier. Use filters to restrict the type of objects selected (e.g. components only) and on which layers they occur, drag select an area and then make mass changes to components, footprints and other properties that the selected items have in common.



Differential Pair Routing

Enhanced routing with differential pairs now supporting walk around and push routing just like normal tracks. Switching to differential pair routing highlights the differential nets making it super easy to work with.


Multiple Airwire Routing

Why waste time routing airwires one at a time when you can route several at once. Select one or more airwires (can be a contiguous or non-contiguous selection) and start routing all at once. Features walk around and push routing, selectable via patters when switching layers and quick route to finish it's a real time saver.


Quick 3D Model Assignment

Previously 3D models were assigned via managed libraries but now you are free to assign directly on the schematic or PCB bypassing the library. With ability to load STEP files, parameter driven templates (e.g. SOIC packages) and pre-built models you have no excuse not to have a great looking 3D board model in record time.


To purchase EAGLE or download your trial visit our page here: Autodesk EAGLE PCB Design Software