• IC Design Across Hierarchical Blocks

    I am trying to make an 8 bit ALU in Eagle but I am running into a huge problem. I am using Eagle's module system to create an individual adder, then another to create a bit slice, lastly a few schematics to add all th...
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  • Instlled Eagle and it won't start

    Hi,   I down loaded the free version of Eagle 9.6.2. Went through the installation & registration process. Entered the verification number sent to my phone. All looked OK.   But when I double click ...
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  • CAM process hanging on"printing aperture D10"

    I am trying to print my first 4 layer PCB.  I am trying to run a CAM process for printing my Gerbers.  The CAM process keeps hanging up on a screen that says "printing aperture D10".  Do these "printing...
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  • Eagle 9.2.2 free and pcb-gcode issues

    Hello all.   I am quite new to this, but I have an issue.   Trying to produce gcode to mill my board, but the gcode that comes out of pcb-gcode is just wrong..   Here is the Bottom layer in Eagle: &#...
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    created by ungedanielsen
  • DRC Clearance error

    I have just run a DRC check on a board I am working on. The board has an MSP432 TI processor on it with a 128 pin SMD package. The pads are .008" X.055" and they are on a .01575" pitch. This leaves .00775" between eac...
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  • Printing Holes in Pads

    Hi Folks,   I am new to Eagle and finding my feet.   I have a situation where with my HP1320 laserjet when i print my PCB layer including pads, vias, holes, drills etc it does not print the holes in the ...
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  • Sort out my library on Eagle 6.5.0 pro

    Good morning,   I created my own library a couple of year ago and right now I have in this library about 500 components. I would like to tidy up my library by making some folders and subfolders.   Could y...
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  • Serial Flash Memory - W25Q32FV HOW TO MAKE SMD!

    So i'm back for help cause im a starter!!! I came a cross a problem where i cant make a part with SMD i want to exactly make a Serial Flash Memory - W25Q32FV but in the datesheet it doesnt show to exact lenght and ...
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  • W25Q32FV -- Help for footprint

    Hello again you might notice me that im arround here a lot! I need your help again! The past 2 days i was trying to make a flash memory footprint! I made one but i noticed that it was wrong! the pins weren't aligned c...
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  • I want help with a custom library!

    Hello dear community,   I came across a problem creating on library for a terminal block! i've spend the past 2 hours trying to make one with no success i want one like this!  But i cant make one! I've take...
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  • Creating wirebond pads

    Can soneone help me in creating small, fine pitch pads for wirebonding? i have seen the tutorials about drawing polygons around smd pads. However I require 6mil wide pads and the existing pads are too large. can anyon...
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  • Import Schematics into Fusion Electronics

    Hello,   I am doing work for a company who have already produced schematics in another program. I would like to import these into Fusion. They are able to export a number of formats, can you advise a format whic...
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    created by antonyhart
  • Use logic device parts on different sheets

    Hi,   I have a logic device which contains 4 parts ( IC1A, IC1B, IC1C, IC1D ) Now i have multiple sheets, and want IC1A on sheet1 and IC1B, IC1C, IC1D on sheet 2. how to do that? when i cut (IC1B, IC1C, IC1D)...
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  • setting a defult layer  when move is selected

    Hello i am using eagle V9.3 something has changed, when in move, the default layer was the names 25  if i place a track, then go back to move i have to manually select 25 how do i fix this   thanks  ...
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  • how to move a value for symbol

    I can't remember the command to separate the Name and Value, etc. from a schematic symbol. Thought it was shatter or something but not explode - still need the symbol just need to free the primitives from the symbol. ...
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  • Scaling Schematic to fit frame

    Hello!, I am trying to fit an schematic to one letter size frame page, does anyone know if there is a ULP or tool to scale the schematic to make it fit?
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  • How to change text alignment with script (console command)? [SOLVED]

    I'm writing a script (ULP) to smash all Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors and then set the text alignment to "Center" and move it to the origo of the package. Now I'm stuck on how to change the text alignment, I ca...
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  • Library for 6-pin on-off switch(dpst)

    I got a 6-pin on-off switch (image shown) for which i am not able to get proper library in eagle because i dont know the manufacturer. Please help me with the schematic too.
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  • I have an HP laptop in which I've installed eagle 5.11 I have a professional license for it I tried to install the license it doesn't recognize

    CadSoft License Registration File Copyright (c) 2012 CadSoft   < credentials removed>
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  • board and schematic are not consistent no forward /backannotation will

    Cara mengatasi board and schematic are not consistent no forward /backannotation will
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    created by r.r.a