These are the Adobe InDesign files based on quisp's drawings posted at


Please check out his site for lots of great information if you want to build your own replica "Mystic Seer" prop!


There are four artboards for the main construction, one for each side and based on Dan's original plans.


However, to accommodate for the curve on the front panel, I needed to redesign the top and front as one piece with an area reserved for Plasma to fill with small, straight cuts with the laser for flexibility. The rest is a simple matter of having a slot for the printer tape, a hole for the big button, and a hole on top for the LED.

To finish the project, because I wasn't certain where everything was going to fit in the final assembly, I needed to drill holes for the power jack and shutdown switch manually. This acrylic is fairly easy to drill through with a standard twist bit, just make sure to use a high speed and take frequent breaks to clear the chips and prevent the acrylic from melting!


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