I followed up on the comments on my element14 presents debut and encased the Skeleton Handheld in resin. Checkout the video at the bottom under the pictures, please! It was a bit of a nerve wrecking process, as the mechanical parts could have been glued non functional by the resin. I experimented a bit before hand and found out what parts should work better and wich I should better exchange. I replaced the SPDT switch with a reed switch and now use a magnet to turn on the handheld. The back of the case has indents like a classic Game Boy has and features my Donnie Darko inspired logo. These details were 3D printed with the rest of the box where I made the silicone mold from. Some resin got into the buttons, but this was fixable by scratching it out from between the moving part and the metal shield of the button with very pointy tweezers. I'm quite fond of the result now and think it was a good thing to make this video and follow up on the feedback!

Backside of the handheld, resin is clouded from 3D print texture

Handheld in a profile, front is see through

close up of the chip and display in resin