Hi Everyone,


I am Vidya Mohanan. I hail from the Indian state of Kerala. I am a Computer Science Engineer and currently work in an IT company.

I always loved to tinker with electronics as part of my projects which I used to work during my college days. The Element 14 Women makers and engineers contest seems like a good opportunity for me to get back into my hobby.


Please find my audition video here:



Regarding my previous project, I have worked on a gesture-controlled robot using basic robotics parts and Inertial measurement units. As you can see in the video, the hand gestures are captured using an MPU-6050MPU-6050 IMU pair and processed in an Arduino Nano to determine the motion of the robot and the servo system mounted on it. It has a lot of applications in industrial as well as military sectors. Some include control of manipulators or targeting systems according to the gestures captured from the operator.  I do not have the hardware with me right now as it was submitted to college years back. However, I am attaching a video that we recorded while testing the project back when we worked on the same. For this contest, I am planning on developing and upgraded version of this, with more cool features and precision.



I hope this contest is a great motivation for all the women hobbyists out there. Thanks to element14 for hosting such an event and I look forward to taking part in this contest in all the three phases.


PS: I apologize if the video clarity is not the best as I lack a professional arrangement to record the same.