Hey Folks!!!

My name is Dikshita Desai, I am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer who loves to learn robotics and machine learning. I lead a few tech communities here in Goa, some of which are specifically for empowering women techies in my region. I lead the GDG (Google Developers Group) Goa and I’m also the Google’s WomenTechmakers ambassador for my region.

Conducting a session on NLP for Actions on Google Campaign

I also lead Women in Machine Learning and Data Science, Women Who Go, PyLadies, etc.

With my girls!!!

I have a podcast (available on 6+ platforms including Spotify & Google Podcasts) named “That Tech Girl”, where I share tech trends and experiences! (the channel is currently being revamped).


I love to read books, make tech and collect goodies at conferences :-p Hahaha!!!

Last but not least, to anyone who viewed this Blog, Thank you so much! I did take some time off to gather all pictures and add the necessary filters :-p hahaha!!! But hey, can I please request a like or comment so that this content is appreciated and makes it to phase 2 of the contest? I'll be so grateful if I could get some support here folks! Much Love!!!