Probably that will get tiresome after a while, but dang that was a good movie.


whats in the box

And whoo boy after starting looking, I think I might know more about what to do with a severed head than this


Mostly it seems that the MKR Zero uses different libraries and definitions than the nano/e3 so some of the sample code I had been looking at for the VL53L0X won't work without major rewrite. But there's always other sample code.


I'm still not 100% sure of exactly what its going to become yet. So far my best ideas are

  1. Gesture based portable blackjack machine
  2. Gesture based mp3 player
  3. a Theramin
  4. A rube goldberg clock that uses the photosensor and temperature sensor to guess day and night and possibly track when noon is, but i'm having a harder time working out what to do with the VL53L0X on that.
  5. Some sort of kitchen thing, a pot watcher. The VLs could be used to determine water level, but I'll have to look at the thermal sensor again to see its range.


Either way, the start is to breadboard up the VLs and get comfortable with how they work. Be posting more soon!