The community and YouTube have come up with some great suggestions for teardowns, and we always love to hear what you would like to see.


If you have an idea, a suggestion, or even have something electronic that you think others might find interesting, let us know in the comments here!


Dream Teardowns


I have a list of items that I'd love to tear down, but they are hard or impossible to find! If you know where I can find one, or have one you'd like to donate, let me know in the comments below:


Compaq Presario 3060

I first got into computers in 1996 when we got our first computer with Windows 95 (an IBM Aptiva if you're interested). Mostly through the use "Command and Conquer, Red Alert" and "Mech Warrior 2". But It was also about this time I found the Compaq Presario 3060 in a local shop. I can remember going to see it every time I went out to look at it. I never got to own one, but would love to see how they squeezed a full 1996 PC into this form factor:


Compaq Presario 3060


IBM Tape Drive

Something really old, and big like this! A PDP11, and HP tape drive with the vacuum tape feed. They are all seriously cool, and without modern electronics must have been a monster to design and engineer! I'd love to get hold of one for a tear down!


IBM 729 Tape Drive


AR Equipment

Ok, a little for vague for this one, and only because they are super expensive, or hard to come by: Augmented Reality equipment. Here I am thinking Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens? Of course there are other options out there, and I bet anything that actually overlays digital graphics with human vision (i.e. not a screen / camera combination) should be pretty cool?


MIcrosoft Hololens


Silent Scope Arcade Game

A long night on an overnight ferry back in 1998 started my love afair for this arcade game! Specifically, Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette. From then on, any time I have seen this machine, more time (and money) than I would like to admit had gone into it. If you have never played this game, the controller is a large weighted sniper rifle fitted to a pivot. This pivot works as the directional input, but the scope of the rifle houses a second screen that works as your zoomed scope, sometimes showing special views (thermal and night vision). As these are now ageing, they are less and less common, but I'd love to tear one down, if for no other reason, nostalgia (Also, Time Crysis 2).


Silent Scope Arcade Machine


Electrical Vehicle

I know, I know, taking one apart may need some logistical thoughts about the space, tools and time required! But I'd be really interested and think it would make for a fantastic tear down to see how different manufacturers from different industries approach the situation. So anyone know of an old EV, anything really from a milk float to a Tesla let us know!


GeeWhizz EVTesla Model S


Vintage Video Equipment


Back in January I visited The Sience Museum in London (I love it and have been many times). One thing in particular caught my eye, the CBS EVR Teleplayer from 1971. Looking more like a laying down reel to reel than a video recorder, it was incredible! Anything this old would be amazing, or if anyone knows what happened to V.E.R.A (see the camcorder teardown!) let me know!


An early video tape player