Happy Halloween Best Community Members in the Galaxy!


Just in time for Halloween, Catch the On-Demand Version of our recent LiveStream and Show & Tell with MATRIX Labs and Special Guest Raising Awesome:


Yesterday,  we had a very fun time with MATRIX Labs and Raising Awesome where we got to see a product demo from  hermitter , a developer at MATRIX Labs, of how NFC works on the MATRIX Creator  & Voice,  revisited the Spider-Man:  Into the Maker-Verse project that connormiller made as part of the Raising Awesome duo during the Electronic Toys competition,  and got a first look at a project that samreen.islam , the community manager at MATRIX Labs, will be posting in support of the current Animatronics competition.


Part I: Live Product Demo


We hopped into terminal and went over some code that hermitter wrote and he shared how easy it is to use NFC with the MATRIX Creator and Voice.



and showed us how all that worked with a Google AI Voice Assistant:



If you would like to purchase nfc stickers then you can get them at


Supplemental Content:


Part 2: Show & Tell with Raising Awesome


Next, connormiller and sjmill01 showed us the Spider-Man suit with AI Intelligence they made for the Electronic Toys competition:


You have to view the full project to appreciate everything that went into this.



At its core, this project is a "wearables" project consisting of a smart suit and wrist gauntlet web slinger.  The following skills are applied:

  • Python Programming
  • Circuit Design
  • Soldering
  • Cable Crimping
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D Printing
  • TIG Welding (optional)
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Sewing


Maker Made Components:

  • CO2 Powered Wrist Gauntlet Webslinger using Kevlar® kite thread (as thin as it sounds, it can hold about 3x my weight)
  • Spidey Sense Rear Proximity Sensor to flag close objects and update an LED Matrix in the center of my back
  • Spidey Sense Rear Camera to use Microsoft Azure Machine Vision to report objects seen
  • Small vibration motor that rests on my neck and vibrates whenever the A.I. report a danger
  • 3D Printed Belt Accessories to hold the components and CO2 Cartridges
  • Modded hoodie to integrate the wearables
  • Hardened steel TIG welded hook


connormiller plans to wear while going trick or treating for Halloween!


Part 3: Show & Tell with MATRIX Labs


As, you know we're not only celebrating Halloween on the community, we've got an Animatronics competition going on in Project14 !    samreen.islam gave us a first look at the project that MATRIX Labs is working on for Halloween.  Its not finished yet but they will post their project blog in the  Animatronics once it's ready: