On April 21st, 2021 at 11 AM CT //  5 PM GMT:

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Security should be the first requirement for any new IoT project.  Implementing secure IoT solution can be difficult, complex and expensive. The Microsoft Azure Sphere secure IoT solution includes all the security features and global infrastructure required to deploy and maintain a scalable highly secure system. Azure Sphere is the easy and affordable way to build products that are innately secure and continually responds to emerging threats to keep devices secured over the long term.  This Webinar will introduce the Azure Sphere secure MCU solution.  The instructor will discuss the Azure Sphere solution, the development environment,  review example applications and show live Azure Sphere demos.


What you will learn in this webinar:


  • Why is IoT security important?
  • Azure Sphere Overview
  • Azure Sphere Development Environments
  • Live demos
  • Azure Sphere Examples
  • Demo: Over the Air application update


Azure Sphere Projects


Check out the Winners of our a Sensing the World Challenge with Azure Sphere:



Grand Prizes:


Sensing Dryer Lint: Improving Apartment Complex Building Safety Through IoT - Tony Reynolds


A relative newcomer to the element14 Community, and he's already a grand prize winner! Tony developed an IoT device based around Azure Sphere to monitor dryer lint buildup so that building managers can be aware of this potential safety hazard.



Judges' Feedback:

A novel application, and he went to some effort creating his own custom sensor board, and documented the whole project very well.


Avnet Azure Sphere Coke Drum Health Monitoring IoT AI - Sean Miller


A father and son duo from the Raising Awesome YouTube channel step into the future, and prototype a small-scale version of an IoT system to monitor an industrial delayed coker unit.



Judges' Feedback:

Addresses a real-world problem and tests it in an approachable way, great documentation of a design future users could recreate.


I was there! ... sensing citizens recycling - Enrique Albertos


Recycling: (hopefully) we're all trying to do it, and (hopefully) our waste is actually being put to another good use. Enrique wants to reward good citizens for recycling, so he sets up a remote monitor system for recycling bins to track how full they are and potentially issue rewards to those using them.

Judges' Feedback:


Very interesting and creative application, really well documented and utilized many different features to achieve its goal.


See what our Grand Prize Winners won!


Runners Up:





We also want to recognize and reward these ten additional projects! Our judges' feedback is below each entry.


RoomSphere - Alessandro Felicetti

A well-functioning prototype with a great and polished look.


Connecting a Boat to the Azure Cloud - Jan Kettler

Great work incorporating Azure Sphere into an existing project to monitor dangerous algae blooms.


Weather and Air Quality Station - S L

Innovative use of the webserver interface in this application and great documentation.


MeasureBridge - Pawel Skaruz

Interesting use of his Homebridge device, a nice prototype.


Urban Farming - Eivind Holt

Very detailed and well documented, an effective project for a common application.


SmartLocale - Andrei Florian

This could be very useful for tech savvy street vendors or food truck owners, a strong proof of concept with good documentation.


MagicLockbox - gesture controlled lockbox powered by AzureShere - Jakub Wróbel

A creative project, with a unique approach to security using gestures instead of passcodes, and well documented.


Sensing the air quality in my room (CO2, Dust) - Stephen Mott

Utilized a lot of different features of the kit and cloud services and documented everything very well.


Azure Sphere Shipping Container Security Device - kurst 811

Technically impressive project that addresses a useful real-world application, documented thoroughly.


Atmo-Sphere: Building an healthy home monitor - Jeremy Kuek

Made great use of the kit's click sockets, documented well for those wanting to replicate the project.



Check out the Winners of our a Home is where the Hack Is Challenge with Azure Sphere:




Grand Prize



Azure Sphere Home Process Controller, by Mateusz Pajak - taimin

We often think of the home or consumer market and the industrial market as two separate worlds, but this winning project from Mateusz Pajak works to bring ideas from the factory into the home. A kind of secured homebrew programmable logic controller, as one of our judges put it, the Azure Sphere Home Process Controller could be used for many different smart home applications, given its carefully thought out and flexible design, with more rigorous security and reliability than is sometimes found on common consumer items.

Mateusz will receive a DJI Mavic 2 Pro photography drone with a Mavic 2 Fly More kit for this grand prize winning project!


Judges' Feedback

This project checks all of the boxes for me, very well documented. Also impressed by designing their own PCB accessories for the Azure Sphere Starter Kit. All around, it's a useful building management application idea.


Runners Up



Smart Toilet Paper Roll - thepenguinmaster

Lots of smart home products are obvious: refrigerators, thermostats, and, of course, toilet paper rolls! Robert Liski takes an unsung hero of the home and gives it the Robocop treatment: essential toilet paper data is tracked in the cloud, important toiler paper alerts are presented to residents, and the beautiful blinky LEDs that have always been missing from this bathroom fixture finally get added. I'm imagining Robert, dressed like Steve Jobs, presenting the final version to a rapt audience that cheers for every new feature mentioned?


Robert will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and a Sonos One smart speaker for his creative and well-realized application!


Judges' Feedback

Who doesn't love a way over-engineered household object? Well documented, great work on the hardware, a very creative application!


IntlAir - andreiflorian

Humans spend a lot of resources controlling the air in the spaces where we work and live, and the quality of that air is a major concern. Andrei Florian's project turned its attention to this important application, as he built IntlAir, a secure, automated air filter based around the Azure Sphere which monitors indoor conditions and responds accordingly. With an eye to the existing market for such products, Andrei's solution is less expensive than the competition but still fully featured by comparison, with a useful online dashboard and the advantage of being able to turn one's preferred air filter intelligent regardless of its manufacturer, increasing its flexibility.


Andrei will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and a Sonos One smart speaker for his excellent work!


Judges' Feedback

A very polished project around a pretty universal concern for indoor spaces. Great work with documenting it, and it was nice to see the consideration of how it would fit into the current market for such devices.


Honorable Mention


Home Control And monitoring using IoT - dariuszapt

Dariusz's home had a mixed setup for water heating, with a somewhat aged gas heater doing part of the work and a more modern solar heating system doing the rest. Switching between these systems was quite manual, however, so he took the opportunity of this Design Challenge to make that process smart! His IoT home control and monitoring project not only manages the water heating handoffs between the photovoltaic panels and the gas heater, it also provides an Azure Sphere IoT Central dashboard with useful and actionable data, for example reporting on when the PV panels might be losing their efficiency and in need of maintenance.


Dariusz will receive a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB RAMRaspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB RAM, a GraspIO Cloudio dev boardGraspIO Cloudio dev board, and a MATRIX VOICE dev kitMATRIX VOICE dev kit for this great Azure Sphere project!


Judges' Feedback

Very interesting application for a home that has some modern technology and some more tried and true vintage tech, great to see a method of integrating those two to make things easier for the homeowner.