We’re really excited on all the great stuff we’re putting together to surprise you when visiting Hall A5 - stand 558. The latest tweaks are being finalized to secure amazing exclusive supplier demos and products that be showcased in our booth. But in the meantime, we can tell you about some of the activities that we’re planning to do and that you’re more than welcome to join in!element14-DreamBoard.jpg

On Tuesday, 11th November, our element14 will be presenting the Dreamboard project right in our booth. DreamBoard is a project to crowd-source what is the ultimate development kit for engineers. We’ve made it easy for you to mix and match components to build your own Dream Dev Kit.


On the Wednesday, 12th November, we will be having the Forget-Me-Not Design Challenge Awards presentation where the winner will be with us at the show.


Morevover, there will also be a Dev Kit Trump card Tournament where visitors can play for a chance to win a Robox 3D printer, valued at £850.  The first 16 people to turn up to the stand at 4pm on that day, will be entered into the Tournament and will play in rounds until a winner is found. All participants will take away a limited edition Trumps pack box printed by the Robox 3D printer! And right after that all attendees can join us in our Stand Party, where you can have come to have a drink and some canapés.


And also, we will have a different giveaway every day from our Community pod, including Texas Instruments CC3200 Launchpad and CC3100 BoosterPack, EnOcean EDK 350 Kit, Beaglebone Black. For more info, do not forget to see our Preview Video. So don’t hesitate to come and say hi!