Reception_blog.jpgWe are really excited about this new edition of the Embedded World 2015 where Internet of Things is going to be the main theme this year. By 2018 it is estimated that 19 billion devices will become connected. As sensor technology is refined, you may find yourself in a world where your car knows when to hit the brakes before you do. The possibilities are endless. From government sectors, to industrial and consumer electronics, the application of technology into everyday objects will transform daily life.


And for this edition, we're working to showcase the latest technologies and products from 13 leading suppliers that will have a demo pod in our booth that will help you to make your projects alive in this connected world. Stay tuned, since more info will be coming soon about the featured suppliers and technologies!


In the meantime, make an appointment in your diary to come to our booth in your visit to the show. We're looking forward to seeing you there!