Connecting Santa to the IoT
Winner Announcement: Up to $500-worth of gear


Before Christmas we asked you to come up with ingenious new ways to give Santa a seasonal leg-up when it comes to organizing presents, keeping track of the naughty and nice list, reindeer maintenance, sleigh mechanics and every other aspect of his busy life.


And needless to say, you delivered! There are some sensational ideas out there in the Connecting Santa to the IoT section, all of which will be included in this year's letter to the North Pole.


But only five of these wonderful wintry whatevers could win their parts list, and we're hugely excited to see them being brought to life by Santa's honorary elves. Let's take a look at the winning entries, selected on their originality, innovation and sheer entertainment value.


Santa Claus's Automated Network for Inventory Tracking (or SCANIT)

by pettitda


Wearable Cloth for Santa

by bhavikbhansali


Santa's Personal Digital E.L.F. (Extraordinary Logical Folio)

by jkutzsch


Present status tracker with naughty or nice indicator

by owen144


Physical Globe Santa Sleigh Tracker for North Pole Mission Control

by internetofclassroomthings


Congratulations to all our winners, and everyone who bagged the IoT of Santa badge at the end of last year. Remember to keep us all posted on how your projects are taking shape once your parts list arrives down the chimney!


Erm, merry Christmas?