We take what you say personally. Especially when it comes to how we can make our websites better. You may not know it, but your feedback has inspired us to improve our ecommerce sites with simpler, smarter, faster features.  After all, your job may not be easy, but getting the right information, resources and solutions should be.


While we have much more to do before we can be crowned “best website” in the industry, our focus every day is to make changes that make your job easier.


Here’s the rundown of what we’ve done in the past year on www.farnell.com, www.newark.com, and www.element14.com (Apac) as a result of your web feedback:

  • Simplified Search Experience: With an extensive product catalogue, we’re always looking for ways to make it simple to find what you are looking for. So we’ve moved some of the filters to the left pane for ease use, giving you quicker access to your results.
  • Minimum and Maximum Range Selectors: Selecting multiple parametric values can be time consuming. We’ve introduced the minimum and maximum range selectors in the parametric filters to help you select a range of values easily by identifying the minimum and maximum value.
  • Improved Product Results and Sorting: We have improved our product results by including all the product attributes relevant to your search, which you can sort by. We’ve also created a column for manufacturer part number giving you one more way to sort your results.
  • Product Groups: This new search feature will help you see similar products with the same attributes. You can group products by any attribute and the results will be presented in a grid for easy scanning. Select one of these groups and you can view our new product group page which will display a list of products that belong to the attribute you have selected. You'll also be able to further filter your results through the parametric selections.
  • Simplified Product Detail Page: The products we carry come with a wealth of information so you can make an informed purchase. Now we’ve taken all the info you could need and made it easier for you to scan it all in one spot. Plus, we’ve moved the datasheet to the top of the page for faster access.
  • New Content: A section for legislation, environmental and compliance information, as well as videos accessible directly from the product detail page.  “Share this Page” which allows you to easily share the product page with your colleagues through multiple social media methods. Links to allow you to find other products with similar attribute easily.


In the near future, you’ll be seeing even more improvements and new features on our site. So stay tuned!